Facebook Messenger: A Hidden Gem for Local Marketing

You’ve had it with your lawn care company. They’re cutting corners (both figuratively and literally), leaving messes and raising prices. You’re ready to give them the boot and find a new company. You haphazardly chose your current company because they were the first one you found in the phone book with relatively good pricing. This time, you’ll do it different.


A quick response from the business owner lead to a new customer.

As many people do when shopping locally, you post a Facebook status asking your friends for their opinions. An old coworker comments on your post, recommending the lawn company they’ve been using for years. Your neighbor mentions another. Naturally, you search for both businesses on Facebook. It’s after typical business hours, so you decide to shoot them both a message rather than calling them in hopes that they’ll get back to you by the next time you need your lawn done.

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