How Global and National Brands are Keeping Up With the Mobile-First World

SVP Digital Jason Tabeling explains the importance of preparing for a mobile-first world in his most recent industry byline.

By now, brands should realize how important mobile is to their digital marketing efforts. As Google continues to make changes to the way your brand shows up in search, it’s equally as important to stay at the cusp of the mobile-first industry to reach your audience through the right customer experience and strong search rankings. read more…

Insights from Street Fight Summit—a Conference Focused on Hyperlocal Marketing

Jenn DePiero from our digital marketing team debriefs an industry conference of media companies and tech providers in the hyperlocal marketing space.

Late last month, I was one of three Brandmusclers who attended the 2016 Street Fight Summit in New York City. In its sixth year, the conference celebrates success and innovation in hyperlocal and location-based marketing by featuring some of the technology and media companies in the space including Google, Lyft, The Weather Company, Foursquare and more.

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