Restaurant Marketing: 3 Ways to Drive Business to Your Franchisees with Digital Advertising

The food service industry depends on the digital landscape to drive interest to its local restaurants, where franchisees handle most of the marketing. If you’re any bit interested in advertising, the word “digital” is one you’ve heard a lot — and it’s a word you’ll continue to hear. Tactics like geo-targeting and online display make digital advertising attractive to restaurant brands, not to mention that audiences continue to shift away from TV and other traditional media.

Although it’s still young and can potentially lead to less than stellar online experiences if not executed properly, the digital ad space is the most efficient and promising way of capitalizing on potential consumers, especially within local markets. To truly own local, your franchisees should have a digital presence that extends beyond their address and hours of operation. Like all good advertising, your franchisees’ digital marketing should tell a story, one that is reflected through online reviews, images, restaurant description, and more — readily available to the consumers using a search engine.

A restaurant with a strong digital presence will include details beyond just hours of operation and address, such as reviews, photos and a description and, in turn, will appear at the top of Google search results.

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