Boost revenue and efficiency with an award-winning platform

BrandMuscle makes channel partner marketing simple and empowers your partners to activate local markets with cutting-edge services and SaaS.

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Deliver compliant campaigns at the hyper-local level

Leverage an innovative solution designed to put compliance first. With BrandMuscle, you can scale on-brand and legally compliant campaigns across your entire affiliate network.

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Fund Management

Empower your affiliates to reach customers

Manage co-op, MDF, chargebacks, budgets, and programs with configurable rules. Streamlined, simplified fund management programs include training, development, and knowledge base management to increase affiliate engagement. When affiliates market, you gain market share.

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Fund Management

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Brand Management

Scale compliant campaigns across your affiliates

Enable local affiliates to personalize and execute brand- and legal-compliant marketing campaigns. Increased speed-to-market, coupled with proven brand messaging and tactics, increases sales and ROI at the local level. 

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Brand Management

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Best-in-Class Integrations

Personalize your ecosystem

By offering BYOVendor and existing partnerships, BrandMuscle supports a variety of preferred relationships to deliver desired experiences with low-touch integrations and Martechiture alignment. 

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Integrations

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

AI Services

Drive greater impact with less lift

Our AI-based solutions streamline marketing processes for all of your affiliates. Create email and social content, manage co-op subscriptions, and integrate your brand voice and guidelines to keep compliant. Through these AI solutions, local businesses can find new ways to reach customers with targeted marketing campaigns that are more effective than ever before. 


BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 AI

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Affiliate Engagement

Activate your partners to boost results

Accelerate your affiliates’ marketing activities with training, development, and knowledge base management. Customize your program to meet affiliates where they are through lifecycle marketing activities — including spiffs and incentives and CSAT/VOC and NPS surveys — and build brand loyalty.


BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Affiliate Engagement

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Print Services

Drive engagement with on-brand assets

Amplify the power of your brand at the local level with high-impact, quick-turnaround print services. Along with print-on-demand or consolidated bulk buying, we provide a complete range of services, including sourcing swag, menu covers, and other POS materials. 

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Print

Channel partner marketing solutions that work for you

Fulfillment Support

Manage all of your inventory

BrandMuscle’s fulfillment center delivers your inventory through precise and reliable pick-and-pack, warehousing, inventory management, and shipping to suit your business. 

BrandMuscle Solution Fortune 1000 Fulfillment

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