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At BrandMuscle, we’re on a mission to empower marketers and their affiliates to deliver exceptional local brand experiences. With over 20 years of expertise scaling Fortune 1000 and beverage-alcohol brands, you can trust BrandMuscle to drive results.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves

BrandMuscle makes channel marketing easy by empowering beverage alcohol brands and Fortune 1000 companies to activate and amplify local markets. Our flexible ecosystem of solutions helps brands drive revenue and protects businesses against legal, fiduciary, and other compliance risks. The BrandMuscle platform pairs cutting-edge technology with proven marketing services to support highly regulated verticals. ​ More than 1.5M local businesses and over 50,000 sales reps and affiliates use BrandMuscle to seamlessly scale corporate branding, messaging, and demand generation to engage customers and increase ROI. Our robust ecosystem addresses every aspect of local channel marketing to unleash hyper-local activation for affiliates.

Meet the faces of BrandMuscle

We’re lucky to work with some of the best minds in the industry.

BrandMuscle's Scott Weeren, Chief Executive Officer

Scott Weeren

Chief Executive Officer
BrandMuscle's Helen Baptist, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Helen Baptist

Chief Strategy & Market Officer
BrandMuscle's Randy Elkins, Chief Financial Officer

Randy Elkins

Chief Financial Officer
BrandMuscle's Paula Carren, Chief Global Services Officer

Paula Carren

Chief Global Services Officer
BrandMuscle's Aditya Anne, EVP, Product Engineering

Aditya Anne

Chief Technology Officer
BrandMuscle's Elizabeth Journell, Chief Sales Officer

Elizabeth Journell

Chief Sales Officer
BrandMuscle's Neeraj Beri, Country Manager, BrandMuscle India

Neeraj Beri

Country Manager, BrandMuscle India
BrandMuscle's Robert Olivares, Executive Vice President, Beverage Alcohol

Robert Olivares

Executive Vice President, Beverage Alcohol
Puneet Mukoo headshot

Puneet Mukoo

Executive Vice President, IT
BrandMuscle's Bonnie Robosky, SVP, Human Resources

Bonnie Robosky

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
BrandMuscle's James Morse, Senior Vice President, Product Management

James Morse

Senior Vice President, Product Management

Our values

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Doing the right thing is our brand standard. We value transparency among our employees, partners, and clients while supporting an inclusive community that embraces and celebrates individuality.

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New ideas are always welcome. To guide brands through their ever-changing industries, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new channels, strategies, and tactics to drive outsized results.

Teamwork Value Icon

We’re stronger together. That’s why we strive to cultivate an environment of trust and mutual respect by encouraging authentic relationships and collaboration. We believe in promoting continuous development and growth among our communities, employees, and clients.

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