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BrandMuscle COVID-19 Response

BrandMuscle Operations During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

While businesses and individuals continue to navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, BrandMuscle is committed to supporting our employees, customers and partners throughout the course of the pandemic with the same high standards of service at all times. We want to assure you that during this challenging time, you can count on us to support your business, and do our part to help “flatten the curve” of the virus.

BrandMuscle supports the adoption of national and regional government recommendations including the CDC’s published guidance for businesses and employers. We support the sharing of useful resources and common sense precautions. We will continually monitor and make updates as necessary to provide a safe environment for our employees and customers, and to continue operating all aspects of our business during this time of social distancing to limit virus transmission.

Please reach out to your BrandMuscle contacts with any additional questions and concerns. This page also provides answers to frequently asked questions we have received from customers regarding our business continuity plans during this period.

BrandMuscle has successfully completed remote working tests across all offices to ensure that all employees can perform their jobs remotely. Our team has the necessary work equipment, connectivity, supplies and materials to effectively work from home.

We are restricting visitors and delivery personnel from entering our offices until further notice, and our facilities are closed to the public.

All business travel and client visits have been restricted until further notice. BrandMuscle will leverage meeting technology to support virtual meetings with clients, vendors, partners, and internal teams. If you have a scheduled meeting with BrandMuscle within the next 90 days, please stay in touch with your BrandMuscle contact to determine alternative arrangements.

BrandMuscle teams are working regular business hours and collaborate with each other via multiple platforms. We expect no work interruptions or delays at this time. We are fortunate to have multiple office locations across the United States and India, allowing us to prepare for shifting of work and resources in the event it becomes necessary.

Our software infrastructure is hosted by leading third-party vendors, and we continue to monitor the operations of those vendors and partners, including Microsoft and Oracle. We do not anticipate any changes to our existing service level agreements (SLA).

BrandMuscle maintains a business continuity and disaster recovery policy. This business continuity plan guides the creation of a strategy through the recognition of threats and risks facing the company, with an eye to ensure that personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster. The resulting business continuity plan defining potential risks, determining how those risks will affect operations, implementing safeguards and procedures designed to mitigate those risks, testing those procedures to ensure that they work, and periodically reviewing the process to make sure that it is up to date.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your BrandMuscle Account Strategy contact with any questions or concerns. You may also contact us directly for further coordination and communications.

As we have seen, COVID-19 is impacting everyone in different ways, and our clients are starting to react in varying ways to the constantly evolving situation. BrandMuscle is committed to helping our clients navigate the current situation, including ways they can leverage our tools and follow best practices during this time.

Treat the Economic Symptoms of Coronavirus with Proactive Brand Management

BrandMuscle published this article in Street Fight with pragmatic guidance and actions that businesses can take to encourage franchisees, agents, dealers and partners to maintain the trust they have built with customers at the local level.

BrandMuscle hosted a live webcast, where Jason Tabeling, our EVP of Product Marketing and Sarah Cucchiara, our VP of Performance Marketing covered how local marketing should adjust to accommodate scenarios like the current coronavirus impact.

We have other initiatives underway, and will be communicating them on this page as they unfold. Please check here to see a complete list of the resources and content we have published.

If you are based in the United States and looking for ways to help, please consider supporting the American Red Cross, a long-standing customer and partner. As of March 22, about 9,000 Red Cross blood drives have been cancelled across the country, resulting in 300,000 fewer blood donations. If you are healthy, eligible and willing, please check out to find a blood drive near you. All blood drive sites are using heightened precautions to ensure donors and the blood supply remain safe and healthy.

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