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We Help Brands Reach Their Sustainability Goals.


We Help Brands Reach Their Sustainability Goals.

The world’s leading brands choose BrandMuscle because they trust us to distribute their message across local markets, including one of the most important messages of all: What’s good for the environment is good for business.

BrandMuscle helps you meet your sustainability goals, whether it’s sourcing greener materials, meeting supplier requirements, or reducing plastic from premium packaging. Our commitment to sustainable business practices runs deeper than complying with industry regulations. We strive to set a new status quo for print ordering processes to reduce waste, make smart technology investments that will reduce our carbon footprint, and offer quality products that provide long-term value for your business.

Sustainability starts at the supply chain

We take sourcing materials and recycling seriously. BrandMuscle offers a range of materials and products that provide long-term business value, and can be recycled when the time comes.
100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials
100% of paper, plastic, and ink waste is recycled
25% post-recycled paper products
G7 Master Facility Qualification
FSC Certification underway

Less waste means more to celebrate

Everything that’s made, shipped, and stored has environmental impact. We mitigate that by digitizing workflows, offering fair pricing for print on-demand instead of only for bulk runs, and employing efficient fulfilment processes.
100% digital workflows, virtual proofing, and archiving
0 paper or ink required to create or store images
Print on-demand to order only what you need, when you need it
Fulfillment on-demand to reduce transportation emissions and wasted storage space

Make your mark, but skip the carbon footprint

You want your local marketing to have a big business impact, while treading a lightly along the way. We’re lessening our footprint, so you can lessen yours.
LEAN manufacturing processes at our print and fulfillment centers
LEED certified office buildings (Cleveland and Chicago)
Work from home flexibility and encouraged use of public transit
ENERGY STAR rated laptops used by employees in both the U.S. and India
Virtualization technologies to reduce physical server footprint and power consumption
E-recycling vendor partnerships

At Four Roses we want to move toward sustainability. BrandMuscle offers different types of paper options, so we can use FFC paper as needed. Printing with BrandMuscle also limits waste. We’re not printing 500 of something we know is not going to be used. We’re ordering as needed. It helps us be more eco-friendly.

Ellen Redmon, Marketing Specialist at Four Roses Distillery


How can we help you meet your sustainability goals?

Contact us to develop a channel marketing strategy that drives both business and environmental values.