12 Channel Marketing and Local Media Data Points to Help You Finalize 2017 Planning

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Our annual State of Local Marketing Report is a labor of love, sweat and tears.

(Tears of joy once we hit publish, that is.)

t_solmr-cover-quadrantWorking directly with Brandmuscle clients and pulling in secondary data from notable industry sources, the Brandmuscle's “SOLMR” charts a course in local marketing and media that helps global and national brands with annual planning and guides the local marketing industry for the year to come. The report is chock-full of digital marketing, channel management and social media statistics as well as strategic marketing advice for leaders in the distributed local marketing category.

But we also know how busy local marketing leaders are day-to-day, so we selected 12 local marketing data points that you may have missed throughout the full local marketing research report that launched last month.

1. State of Local Marketing data comes from all angles

1_solmr-methodologyWe tapped info from all aspects of the local and channel marketing world: the local level (dealers, agents, franchisees and retailers), secondary research, co-op funding analysis and brand marketers at the corporate level responsible for local marketing.


2. Locations who focus on marketing are better at calculating its value

2_local-marketing-teamsSurvey says: small businesses that have a dedicated marketing resource are more confident in their ability to measure ROI. For local marketing networks without this luxury, who is making sure marketing investments are truly driving sales?


3. Most local stewards of global and national brands are small operations

3_local-affiliate-sizeWe found three classifications of businesses selling global and national brands at the local level. The most predominate group to answer our survey was the smallest in terms of business size measured by employee count, annual sales and marketing budget. (See the other two groups in the full report!)


4. Co-op funding from national brands is crucial to local marketing and media

4_co-op-funds-local-budgetsWith small budgets comes a need for support from national and global brands in order to execute local marketing. This chart is one of many in our chapter about co-op and other forms of shared funding offered by major brands selling through various channels. Definitely worth the read!


5. Co-op funds are spent overwhelming on traditional media


Despite a drastic shift in consumer behavior to spend less time with traditional media and more time on digital devices and media, most of the money major brands allocate toward co-op programs winds up spent in these legacy channels.


6. Local digital marketing will be a major focus of 2017 and beyond

6_local-digital-marketing-statsLocation-based digital marketing is growing and whether it’s executed by global and national brands or the local affiliates themselves, having the right partner is crucial to success.


7. “Brands Can Help Affiliates Move Beyond Websites and Email”

7_local-websites-not-enoughThis section of the State of Local Marketing Report showcases a startling truth about digital marketing at the local level and outlines steps national and global brands can take to move local dealer, agent and retail marketing forward in the digital space.


8. Digital marketing is largely mismanaged based on our data

8_local-digital-marketing-managedWhile this graph doesn’t tell the complete story, this section of the report cross references how affiliates manage digital marketing with how Easy and Effective it is for them. The results tell it all: local affiliates of national and global brands need help with digital marketing.

Don’t miss: “5 Easy Ways Corporate Marketers Can Help With Digital” (starting on page 38)dm_corporate-digital-marketing-help


9. Local Facebook marketing is popular but in need of an overhaul

9_facebook-marketing-local-brands“Facebook Still Reigns, But Is It Being Maximized to Its Full Potential?” Our research looks at how local affiliates of global and national brands are using the king of all social networks to reach their audience. Spoiler alert: despite its overwhelming popularity as a marketing tool for dealers, agents, franchisees and retailers, there are myriad opportunities to improve Facebook marketing at the local level.


10. Local event marketing is a hotspot for major brands10_local-event-marketing

We dedicate an entire chapter of our report to local event marketing for national and global brands. Why? Because it works. Both to capture leads and raise awareness. You can also check out our blog posts about local event marketing best practices here.


11. Local dealers, agents, franchisees and retailers need support with local marketing

11_through-partner-marketing-supportThis chart showcases a major theme of our report: helping small businesses execute marketing for your brand. We emphasize why, how and where corporate brand partners can support their locations with integrated marketing programs. Referencing Forrester’s Wave on Through-Channel Marketing Automation, we’ve also outlined the various levels of support brands should be offering to their networks from simply providing co-branded assets to executing comprehensive local marketing programs on behalf of each location.


12. The Local Marketing Quadrant™ tells an entire story in one graphic

12_solmr_quadrant_promotionThis graphic is based on 2,139 survey respondents answering questions about the marketing tactics they use and how easy and effective they are. To get the full scoop on what it means and how it can be used to aid 2017 local marketing planning, download the full report here!


What do you think? Which visual is your favorite? Don't forget to download the full State of Local Marketing Report then sound off in the comments below!


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