2018 State of Local Marketing Webinar Recap

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Looking for an online marketing webinar that revolves around the changing landscape of local marketing, explains how to effectively target your prospects and dissects the future of precision marketing? Well, luckily, we taped last week’s State of Local Marketing Webinar so you can watch it on-demand, at your convenience!  

During the February 28th webinar, BrandMuscle’s Chief Strategy Officer Clarke Smith and President, Consumer Brands Paul Elliott unveiled the findings from the fourth annual State of Local Marketing Report – NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD.

Besides just repeating what you’ll read in the report, the webinar hosts also went into the weeds with some of the data to really paint the picture of the current state of local marketing. For example, they cross referenced survey responses with an analysis of corporate co-op spending to showcase where marketing dollars are being spent and proving most effective, and explained the importance of aligning effective marketing tactics with co-op spend.

“There does seem to be a disconnect between the tactics that local business partners are using and where the co-op dollars are going. I know it’s hard to break out of programs that have been consistent year-over-year-over-year, and tactics like direct mail and newspaper may be popular because they’re easy to execute but not as effective, so finding ways to identify what local marketing programs are creating the best results for your local business partners and then continue to adjust your co-op or MDF programs to provide additional support for those programs will drive the best results.”

-Clarke Smith, Chief Strategy Officer

The online marketing webinar gave listeners a chance to hear from the leaders in local where their local marketing plans may be falling short and how they can turn it around to ensure they don’t waste a dollar and bring in more sales, not just leads.

Now you might be suffering from FOMO by now so we won’t drag this out anymore. Ready to fast-forward into the world of precision marketing? Take 40 minutes and  watch the 2018 State of Local Marketing webinar now!

And once you’ve sucked all the information out of the webinar that you possibly can, download a copy of the State of Local Marketing Report. You’re going to want it.

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