4 Ways Brand Marketers Can Make Integrated Marketing Easier For Local Franchisees

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Small business doesn’t mean small marketing. Our research from theCapture 2015 State Of Local Marketing Report proves that.

In fact, 62 percent of local affiliates (franchisees, dealers and agents) conducted a campaign last year using more than one marketing tactic as local marketers are looking to hit their audience in surround sound. Gone are the days when one marketing tactic would do the trick. Just listen to this local marketer:

“Our most successful marketing happens when we combine efforts – be it direct mail and radio spots or flyers and outdoor events. We feel that the 1-2 punch helps reinforce the product and stick in the consumer’s mind.”

– Local Franchise Marketer

So, what are the most commonly integrated tactics? Direct mail, Facebook and Email, according to the 860 small business marketers we polled. On top of that, almost half of the integrated campaigns franchisees conducted involved community sponsorships or local events. Integrated marketing is the answer, and more local marketers are catching on.

The more tactics involved, the more daunting it can be for local marketers to tackle integrated marketing. That’s where brand marketers have the opportunity to step in.

We’ve suggested four ways brand marketers can make integrated marketing easier for their local dealers, agents and franchisees.

1. Provide more visibility into national advertising plans

Local marketers want to be kept in the loop.  By providing visibility into national advertising plans, franchisees can plan ahead to complement your campaign with plans at the local level.  You can hit audiences twice in specific markets without spending twice as much at the national level. You’re also splitting your cost with local retailers and putting the money strategically in the right spot because you know past sales have been made there.

Remember Taco Bell's super bowl campaign? The fast food giant was able to accompany national ads with local ads for a fraction of the cost.  (National spots cost around $5 million, while local spots are closer to $50,000.)  Coordination between local and national markets gave Taco Bell the one-two punch they were looking for.

2. Provide marketing materials in a variety of formats

Marketing assets and templates need to be provided in several different formats to assist franchisees so they can execute their own integrated campaigns at the local level. For example, let’s take the top three most integrated tactics among local marketers (direct mail, Facebook and Email). Each material should be branded similarly to promote the campaign and provide consistent messaging. Here’s an example:

3. Create packaged marketing kits

Make it simple for your franchisees. Create kits like ‘event in a box’ or ‘sponsorship promo bundles’ to make it easy for franchisees to customize and deploy.

For example, if your franchisees are going to an event, create a branded kit that they can utilize that combines different marketing tactics. The kit could include branded backdrops, table skirts and giveaways for the event itself. It could also include creative, branded ways to help local franchisees grow their email or direct mail lists or increase social media followers using different activities and contests to incentivize consumers. In doing this, the franchisee will be reaching event attendees through several different tactics, platforms and approaches that will reinforce each other.

4. Offer easy opt-in programs to integrate tactics

Offering opt-in programs to local franchisees allow them to automatically use the digital and social tactics that best complement each other for an effective campaign.

This could be as simple as checking a box to opt into a program that will complement the tactics. One of our large telecommunications clients offers a program for dealers that creates a microsite for the local dealer to help with SEO and branding. When signing up for this program, dealers can also check the social media box to sign up for a social media assistant program for dealers that creates accounts, posts on platforms, and provides social analytics. By making it easy for dealers, brand managers have simplified the integration of social and digital media for dealers creating that one-two punch they desire. It also makes it easier to integrate microsites with dealers’ social media content, helping both platforms while maintaining consistency across sites with the corporate brand.


When done correctly, integrated marketing campaigns at the local level are effective, consistent and creative. Local marketers are on board for integrated marketing. You should be too.

What local integrated marketing campaign has worked well for you? We want to know! Let us know in the comments below.


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