5 Powerful Distributed Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Local Marketing ROI

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Gleanster recently surveyed 182 brands with distributed marketing environments to benchmark the key trends and best practices exhibited by Top Performing marketing organizations. Download a complimentary copy of this Deep Dive to learn how the best distributed marketing organizations are fueling local demand for their products and services while gaining visibility into local spend and performance.

Important takeaways:

  • How distributed marketers are overcoming digital marketing challenges
  • Common metrics marketers use to measure the success of their local marketing efforts and their investments in distributed marketing management platforms
  • The role of analytics in distributed marketing platforms; how are distributed marketers measuring their performance and ROI?

Key findings:

  •  74% of Top Performers said "personalization" across all brand communications is a top challenge and area of focus
  • Top Performers don't prohibit local affiliates from participating in local marketing efforts but empower them in a controlled environment that centralizes data capture and encourages the push of communications through a centralized system
  • 96% of Top Performers currently use or plan to invest in a distributed marketing management platform

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