6 Easy Ways to Increase Adoption of Your Online Local Marketing Tool

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Implementing an online local marketing automation solution that enables your field organization to customize ads and marketing collateral in a few clicks is major achievement in maximizing your marketing ROI. Here are a few simple ways you can ensure the technology you've implemented is adopted and used passionately by your field organization.

1. Keep Your Creative Fresh

Continually adding new creative onto the site keeps visits to your online marketing tool exciting for your users. If you plan to launch a new national campaign, notify your account executive at BrandMuscle to work with you to make new materials available for local customization. Don’t forget to share information about national campaigns (print, radio or TV) with your local users so they can enjoy the lift by complementing what you’re doing in their local markets!

2. Give Users Plenty of Options

In the world of local marketing, one size does not fit all. Offer a variety of media types and sizes for your users to select from. With a wide variety of options available, local users will more inclined to visit your online marketing tool each time they need materials. Users should have the ability to access templates for ads that come in a variety of media types, shapes and orientations that fit their budgets. If they don’t find what they’re looking for, it's possible they might try creating something on their own, risking brand integrity and legal compliance.

3. Solicit Feedback

Often times, the best enhancements come from the users themselves! Make it easy for your users to share their ideas by incorporating a survey or feedback form onto your site year-round. This helps foster a sense of ownership and allows us to work more closely with you to make ongoing improvements your users are excited about.

4. Provide Ongoing Education

It’s likely your user base grows and changes daily. Do you have a program in place to inform new users about your online marketing tool? In addition to pre-recorded online training sessions your users can access at any time, consider working with your BrandMuscle account executive to set up quarterly live training sessions to educate new users or to introduce new functionality to your entire user base.

5. Reward Your Best Marketers

Host a sweepstakes or contest that encourages local users and/or regional marketing managers to participate in local marketing activities. Several BrandMuscle clients have great success stories to tell thanks to some friendly competition between regions or individual locations. One client entered each local user who built an ad on the site into a drawing to win an iPad and another rewarded its regional marketing manager with a cash bonus for the most ads built in a quarter.

6. Don’t Forget to Market to Your Users

Are you using every opportunity to remind local users about the importance of using your online marketing tool and sharing success stories? Some of the best practices we’ve seen/heard include customizing voicemail greetings and on hold messaging systems with a quick reminder about how to access the online marketing tool. Corporate and regional marketers have also customized the email signature lines they use for field communications to include a line or two reminding users about the tool or latest campaign. And of course, don’t forget to promote the tool at corporate events and training sessions, on your company intranet site, in company newsletters and in email blast communications you send to the field.

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