Ask Yourself These 21 Important Questions About Your Data Strategy

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

We recently partnered with Search Discovery to present the webinar: Holding Your Marketing to a Higher Standard: Using Data with Purpose to Fuel Precision Marketing.

One of the webinar’s key takeaways was that an effective data strategy is essential in precisely reaching your ideal local consumer by not only knowing where they’ve been or where they currently are, but where they’re going.

John Lovett

In his latest blog post, John Lovett, our webinar co-host and Search Discovery’s Senior Director of Data Strategy, outlines 21 questions you should be asking of your data strategy.

When was the last time we took inventory of our data?

Why aren’t we aggregating data silos to gain a holistic perspective?

How do we establish metrics, KPIs and targets that matter?

Check out his latest post on Search Discovery’s blog for more important questions to help refine your data strategy.

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