Best Practices For Facebook Advertising Creative

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With more than a billion active users and oodles of demographic, psychographic and geographic data, Facebook has become a premier option for local marketing. As Facebook's advertising products continue to evolve, so do the best practices for reaching consumers interested in your brand and moving them through the marketing funnel from awareness to engagement ("Like Page") and engagement to purchase intent ("Get Quote").

To compile the advice in this post, we reviewed hundreds of Facebook ads and identified consistent attributes across four basic advertising objectives. Then we recreated best-practice examples containing these attributes to represent real Facebook ads across a variety of industries. The result is a Facebook ad guide that business owners and brand marketers can use to create compelling Facebook ad content to grow their social communities and top lines. Check it out below and let us know what you would add to the guide using the comments at the bottom.

Facebook Ads to Boost Your Branding

Successful Facebook ads need to consider targeting, timing, message and offer. For ads looking to increase awareness and engagement with your brand, we've focused on the last two of that list: great creative and a clear call-to-action (CTA). A social-friendly image that blends into the news feed and resonates with your audience is just as important as a CTA that tells your audience what they need to do in a direct, simple way.


1) To generate Facebook page likes...



Facebook Ad/Image Tips

  • Choose social imagery that looks like an update your audience might otherwise see in their news feeds
  • Appeal to the five senses with your image and use vibrant colors
  • Show people smiling and interacting
  • Use desirable people, places and activities to highlight your brand experience
  • Try to use branded colors in your image to tie back to your profile thumbnail





2) To increase engagement and drive conversation...



Facebook Ad/Image Tips

  • Use an image that catches the eye in the newsfeed and showcases your product/service with lifestyle elements
  • Show action in your images
  • Make sure the image ties directly into your tagline and CTA
  • Pro Tip: imagery doesn't always need to be professionally polished as long as it showcases your business well





Facebook Ads to Support Sales/Customer Acquisition

For Facebook ads aimed at driving sales, use text on your images to match the branding and entice consumers to read the offer and click your link. Facebook rules denote that text cannot be more than 20 percent of your image, but that's more than enough space to convince the right audience to get your coupon, sign up for more information, get directions to your store or make a purchase. It's important to make sure the image text, headline and offer all work together with your branding. With a limited character count, you don't need to repeat yourself in all these places.


3) To drive calls or web traffic...



Facebook Ad/Image Tips

  • Use a timely or seasonal image that looks natural in a timeline
  • Portray happy people associated with your brand promise
  • Immediately pay off your eye-grabbing image with an offer
  • Highlight a clear value associated with your CTA








4) To increase foot traffic to a physical location...



Facebook Ad/Image Tips

  • Engage people with something of value to them
  • Show a problem and a solution in the image so people understand your value proposition at a glance
  • Image should use a combination of your product/service offer in a way that ties back to a physical location






5) To generate leads...



Facebook Ad/Image Tips

  • Use brand recognition to your advantage if you have it
  • Make product shots stand out with clean design and clear photography
  • Entice the consumer to take the next action by tying your offer to the CTA
    • Match your image with what's in the text and offer







What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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