Brandmuscle Aiming for "Digital Domination" According to Recent Article

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Crain's Cleveland Business Highlights Recent Investment, Rampant Opportunity for Local Marketing Software and Services Company

If you read the Brandmuscle blog, you already know we've been investing in our digital team. So far this year, we've hired Chief Digital Officer Paul Elliott and added more digital talent to a team that was already winning awards for their work. Now, others are starting to notice.

This weekend, Crain's Cleveland Business published an article aptly titled "Brandmuscle hopes for digital domination." The article catalogues our unique position to execute digital marketing national brands with hundreds or thousands of brick-and-mortar locations. Combined with Brandmuscle's successful local marketing software products, these additional services have evolved over the past half-decade and are poised to help brands leverage the power of location to drive in-store transactions.

Here's an excerpt from the story, but make sure to check out the full article here.

Paul_Elliott_head shot(Brandmuscle) — which employs about 660 people, including 210 in Cleveland — has big ambitions: Both Alexander and Elliott said they want to create the best digital marketing firm in the world.

So why might Brandmuscle even have a shot at achieving such a lofty goal?


“There’s nobody out there who’s got … the integrated pieces who can make it work like Brandmuscle,” Elliott said.


“We are creating what we believe is the best — by far — digital practice for local advertisers,” he said.

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