Brandmuscle Earns Google Premier Partner Badge, Will Help National Brands Grow Local Sales through Digital Marketing

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Local Marketing Company Meets Google’s Standards for Qualification, Transparency and Customer Service with Search and Display Advertising



CHICAGO – August 2, 2016 – National brands that sell through dealers, agents, distributors and franchisees have a new trusted partner to help drive local sales with digital marketing. Local marketing software and services company Brandmuscle was recently accepted into Google’s Premier Partner Program, an extremely select group of online marketing companies authorized to use the “Google Premier Partner” designation, symbolizing training and insights directly from Google.

Earning the Google Premier Partner badge means Brandmuscle is recognized as a leading agency for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns that help small businesses. Specifically, Brandmuscle is focused on supporting the digital marketing needs of brands that sell through distributed networks of small local businesses. Training and insights directly from Google will help further propel Brandmuscle’s local paid search and display advertising programs with existing clients. The blend of Brandmuscle’s local marketing expertise with a focus on hyper-local digital marketing gives national brand clients a simpler, more effective way to drive local store revenue using digital campaigns.

“Executing local marketing across hundreds or even thousands of local affiliates is a challenge for national brands, and the complexities of digital marketing only make it more difficult,” said Brandmuscle Chief Strategy Officer Clarke Smith. “Earning the Google Premier Partner badge will help us improve our execution of hyper-local digital marketing across a vast network. Combined with our growing digital department, Brandmuscle is the perfect partner for national brands that want to execute local digital marketing campaigns across channels, locations and products or services.”

Accepted into the Google Partner Acceleration Program in 2015, Brandmuscle’s recent qualification as a Premier Partner demonstrates just how strong its digital expertise has become. In addition to making headlines earlier in 2016, Brandmuscle has grown its search and display advertising business significantly with Google, realizing a 270 percent increase compared to 2015. Brandmuscle’s Premier Partner designation with Google adds another distinct advantage for its clients, showing that the team has learned advanced concepts for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing Google advertising products. Brandmuscle will also receive individual staff certifications, best practice training, early insight into Google changes and regular update meetings with Google’s channel marketing experts.

“Brandmuscle’s expanding digital capabilities and expertise have already helped our clients recognize new digital marketing opportunities at the local level,” said Brandmuscle’s Chief Digital Officer Paul Elliott. “By combining our support from the Acceleration Program with Google’s Premier Partner Program, we’ve shown significant progress and signaled more growth to come.”

Brandmuscle plans to leverage the Google Premier Partner Program support to help current and prospective clients implement local and hyper-local digital marketing programs that scale – an effort Elliott says has already proven successful across client networks in financial services, retail, telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

“Our clients already see Brandmuscle as an innovative and trusted local marketing advisor,” Elliott said. “Having exclusive support from Google on our side ensures we can continue to deliver world class digital marketing solutions and show our national brand clients how local digital marketing can be effectively implemented across their entire network.”

About Brandmuscle Offering a comprehensive local marketing automation platform backed by 24/7 on-demand support, Brandmuscle helps national brands capitalize on opportunities and local market conditions with brand-compliant, customized marketing across all mediums and formats. Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Cleveland, Austin and New Jersey, Brandmuscle employs more than 650 talented professionals and serves over 200 of the world’s leading brands. Brandmuscle is the only software provider ranked “Best” in all categories of Gleanster’s Local Marketing Automation Vendor Benchmark report and has appeared on Inc. Magazine’s 500 | 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America List multiple years. For more information about Brandmuscle call (866) 464-4342 or visit

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