Brandmuscle Infographic Highlights the Success and Failure of Co-Op Advertising and MDF Programs

Olivia Young Written by: Olivia Young

Local Marketing Software Company Leverages Gleanster Research to Highlight Opportunities for Channel Marketing

The State of Co-Op and MDF benchmark report developed by Gleanster Research uncovered why billions of dollars from co-op programs are reported unused every year. It also shared insights about how multi-channel marketing managers can make more strategic investments in people, process and technologies to support their co-op advertising programs.

How could almost 48 percent of appropriated funds go unused every year – a total Gleanster estimated at $35 billion? Especially considering eight of ten brand marketers believe co-op and MDF programs drive sales and have value? We asked the same question.

Gleanster’s research provides practical and actionable insights that can shape co-op and MDF programs to work in today’s evolving media landscape. Our infographic helps channel marketing managers by highlighting:

  • Major bottlenecks in co-op use at the local level
  • The disconnect between co-op and new digital marketing tactics
  • Co-op program management tips from industry leaders

Take a look at the infographic, then let us know if you agree or disagree with the findings in the comments below.



If you want more detail, make sure you download the full white paper here.

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