Brandmuscle in the News: Local Marketing Survey Receives Industry Attention

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In late September, we released study findings about the state of local marketing.  And the industry took notice.

Combining a survey of hundreds of local dealers, agents and affiliates with insights based on tracking $2 billion in co-op funding over the last three years, The 2014 Brandmuscle State of Local Marketing Report was created as a guide for national brand managers heading into the 2015 planning season. The report was well received by both current and prospective clients as well as industry media outlets who included details of our report in the stories below:


Why Franchisees Don't Use Digital Advertising

Focusing on the disparity between adoption and success of digital marketing tactics, franchise beat writer Kate Taylor showcases one of the major findings from our study: local affiliates are slow to adopt seemingly complicated online and social media marketing, despite evidence that they work.

  •  “Many franchisees and agents aren't prepared to invest the necessary time and energy, even if the (social media) account could prove to be a highly valuable marketing tool.”

UPDATE: The Entrepreneur article was syndicated on Yahoo! News,  NBC News and more.


The Most Used (and Liked) Marketing Tactics by Local Affiliates

Using several charts and graphs from our full report, MarketingProfs contributor Ayaz Nanji noted one important observation at the very beginning of his article:

  • “Traditional marketing tactics remain some of the most used and well-liked channels by the local affiliates of US companies”


The Local Marketing Landscape: What’s Working?” 

Compiling some of the data in our report into a chart listing media use and satisfaction, Marketing charts his on a major theme of our report in their opening paragraph:

  • “Traditional media remains a significant part of the local marketing mix…. Digital marketing, while scoring high satisfaction rates, tends to be seen as too complicated or time consuming by those not using it.”

LocalSearchInsiderStudy: Traditional Media too Pricey for Local Businesses, Digital too Complicated

A breakdown by the Local Search Association, this article written by Joe Morsello does a deep dive into our comparison of media usage and co-op spending, pulling some interesting insights from the data.

  •  “While the insights featured in the study reinforce industry trends – marketplace confusion, unclear ROI, digital disruption, traditional decline and the power of the good old-fashioned coupon – the developments in co-op spending are worth noting.”


Local marketers say they prefer direct mail over digital” 

Honing in on the direct-to-customer tactics, Cynthia Boris highlights our findings around direct mail and email marketing. Examining one aspect of the larger theme (local marketers balancing traditional and digital tactics), her piece is worth the read for the first two paragraphs alone, plus this nugget:

  • “Even though most of us prefer email to physical mail, 81% of local businesses are still using direct mail as a way to reach customers.”

 UPDATE (10/29/14):


"5 Proven Marketing Tactics to Gain (and Keep) Local Customers” 

Distilling the key findings from our report into five actionable steps, BND’s Nicole Fallon combined our survey insights with commentary from industry experts, including Brandmuscle’s Chief Strategy Officer Clarke Smith. Touching on individual tactics as well as marketing as a whole, Fallon’s "five tactics" help small businesses make marketing more manageable:

  • “(S)mall businesses have the added burden of finding the time to strategize on top of all their other responsibilities…. Smith recommended scheduling time for marketing, even if it's only an hour a week. ”


Report: Small Businesses Avoid Digital, Social Marketing” 

In a thorough summary of our report’s key points and insights, Franchise Update Media featured the high-level takeaways of Brandmuscle’s report on its website and newsletter saying:

  • “(A) report from Brandmuscle reveals that many smaller local affiliates are slow to adopt social and digital media … favoring some (but not all) of the more established marketing tactics.”


"Are Traditional Marketing Channels Past Their Prime? [Infographic]” 

“There's a reason these oldie-but-goodies are still around,” Elyse Dupre starts her coverage focusing on the continued success of some traditional tactics highlighted by our survey. Breaking down our study by tactic with a review of use, satisfaction and commentary, this are article also includes a great visual component that’s worth checking out.

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You can watch a presentation of the results or download the full report on our website.

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