Digital Marketing for a Franchise Network: 6 Tactics to Drive Local Sales (Part 2)

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Brandmuscle Byline on Outlines Digital Marketing Tactics Franchisees Need in a Distributed Marketing Environment

As Brandmuscle's Chief Digital Officer Paul Elliott nears his six month mark with the company, he's published prescriptions number four through six on his priority list of digital marketing tactics for franchise brands. Authoring the first part of his digital to-do list for franchise marketing executives while only a few months on the job, this final portion provides insights about how a few of the more complicated digital tactics can be implemented across a franchisee base of hundreds or even thousands of locations.

So, what's the secret?

Being smart about how your national franchise brand and individual franchisees share the online space -- especially with tactics like paid search (tip #4 in this half of Paul's article) that can be in direct competition with each other if not coordinated. → More tips about coordinating Paid Search in a distributed environment here.

Like any smart marketer, Paul wraps up this two-part article with a specific recommendation for online marketing measurement:

"You simply cannot know what works for you and your franchisees until you measure.


"And, you cannot maximize your investment until you are able to effectively optimize based on your measurement of engagement and conversion events. While closing the loop between online marketing and offline transactions remains difficult ... using some simple approaches will help..."

Check out part two of the article to read about those simple approaches to distributed marketing measurement and read the other digital marketing best practices for franchisors on

If you're curious to know how Brandmuscle's digital team has grown in the last six months since Paul's arrival and what they can do for your brand, don't be afraid to reach out!

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