Doing good for more than goodness’ sake

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Everyone knows PR equals public perception. Good or bad, PR helps people formulate opinions about a company.

Whether to portray a company in a positive light – or to offset prior negative comments in the media or the marketplace – PR directors make a point to release “good” news about their companies on a regular basis, or to form partnerships with other community or industry “do-gooders.”

However, how does a potential client or business partner really know if a company is truly committed to making the world – or its community – a better place? Is all the hub-bub real or simply an illusion?

In her blog, Jennifer Rice, founder and chief strategist of Fruitful Strategy, defines it as “mindful business.” She says, “Mindful businesses tightly integrate a social perspective into their current business models. This is about being, not just doing.”

Companies like BrandMuscle go beyond the “adopt-a-nonprofit” idea to actually weave a social responsibility role into every aspect of the company. This strategy starts at the top with the CEO and upper-management team playing active roles in the community, and is reinforced through the company’s HR policies, committees, company events and even employees’ extracurricular activities. For more information on how BrandMuscle gives back, visit Our Culture page.

Of course, when social responsibility is a part of a company’s culture, the company benefits as well as the community. “Corporate leaders contend that social responsibility, in a sense, has become a key ingredient to financial prosperity,” said Matthew Kirdahy in his Talk Soup column on While time and effort must be invested, it pays off in the long run. “The end result is a stronger brand, as many executives will preach, and that translates to dollars and cents,” said Kirdahy.

According to Rice, the “beliefs and actions of mindful companies attract like-minded, passionate customers and employees.” In BrandMuscle’s case, we have found this to be true.

Judy Dunn, on TheMarketingSpot, had some great tips on how companies can begin giving back.

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