eBook Now Available: Maximizing Co-op Dollars in a New Marketing Ecosystem

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

If there’s one major takeaway from our State of Local Marketing Report, it’s that tactics used by local business partners have evolved, but their budgets have not. For the most part, this causes local business partners to revert to what they’re used to executing: outdated, ineffective, and often expensive, single-channel tactics.

Shifting to an integrated mix at the local level by layering digital tactics onto physical allows you to better measure the impact of your business by quantifying the impact of what’s being spent. So where should you begin when re-evaluating your current co-op program for the greatest marketing impact? Which tactics should be offered? Which should be executed together for the desired outcome? How do you power your co-op/MDF program to achieve a more integrated marketing ecosystem? How can you influence your local business partners to spend their dollars on specific tactics?

Our latest eBook, Maximizing Co-op Dollars in a New Marketing Ecosystem: The Corporate Marketer’s Guide to Driving Winning Behavior, examines three key co-op/MDF program actions you can make to improve the way you offer and allocate your co-op dollars. Download it today!

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