Five Data Graphics that Will Change the Way You Think About Local Marketing

BrandMuscle Marketing Written by: BrandMuscle Marketing

We’ve been sharing insights from a recent report on the state of local marketing we published to help national brand marketers start their 2015 marketing plans. Between a report, webinar, blogs and news coverage, we’ve put out a lot of words. Now it’s time for some pictures.

Below, you’ll see five visuals of data points we thought were the most surprising. Since we specialize in distributed marketing management, we’ve got a unique view of how franchisees, dealers and agents employ resources from their national brand partners at the local level. The data here is based on a survey of hundreds of local affiliates as well as an investigation of more than $2 billion in co-op spending.

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For a full copy of the report examining all marketing tactics and responses from local affiliates, visit Brandmuscle’s report download page.

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