Four Digital Adjustments Global and National Brands Need to Make

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

SVP Digital Jason Tabeling describes how brands can seize the major opportunity for local digital marketing

The digital and mobile revolution is forcing brands to rethink the way they reach their customers. Similarly, customers’ expectations of brands have changed, as they have access to information right at their fingertips at any time through their mobile devices. With the increase in mobile comes a powerful new wave of marketing, and having a strong local presence is the only way to truly harness the mobile world.

In his most recent byline in MarketingProfs, Brandmuscle’s SVP Digital Jason Tabeling outlines four adjustments national brands must make to harness the power of local marketing. With a 70 percent growth in ‘near me’ searches, ensuring that you information appears accurately across search engines while catering to the specific needs of potential consumers is more vital now than ever:

"Having a mobile friendly website is no longer a nice-to-have; it's required—if for no other reason than the biggest search engines' saying it is. Search is how people find you. And since mobile searches make up the majority of traffic, you are missing the largest segment of consumers if you're not available for mobile."

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