For Franchise Brands, Reaching Today’s Consumer Involves a Multi-channel, Multi-touch Approach

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for franchise brands to execute a holistic and integrated campaign marketing strategy for their franchisees. However, most franchisees (and brands) are on a strict, shoestring budget that doesn’t allow for much wiggle room.Paul Elliott

In his latest byline published in Franchising USA Magazine, our President, Consumer Brands Paul Elliott, says Precision Marketing is the answer:

“No longer can franchisees (or enterprise marketers, for that matter) blindly spend their precious dollars on single channel tactics with little understanding of their effectiveness in making the cash register ring. Instead, data and insights must be infused throughout the planning process to provide precise guidance on the right mix of traditional and digital tactics to use, while advanced technology is then utilized to precisely pinpoint and deliver marketing messages at the right time and place to impact consumer or business behaviors.”

Check out Paul’s whole byline here.

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