How Alcohol Brands Can Leverage Snapchat Despite Age Risks

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Brandmuscle expert weighs in on AdAge article highlighting Snapchat beverage marketing opportunity

Alcohol beverage brands are catching on: they are beginning to join the Snapchat frenzy. But what was (and still is) holding some brands back?The teen-friendly social network can be a risky platform for alcohol brands to advertise on, but Snapchat is working toward keep content away from users who are under 21 years old.

As the platform continues to gain popularity, the means of advertising on the platform vary -- from sponsored geofencing, sponsored lenses, advertising in Stories and more.  Certain alcohol brands are approaching the marketing opportunity differently based on the brand’s particular policies. And with the analytics showing that Snapchat user base is maturing, Snapchat is becoming a prime advertising platform for alcohol brands.

So, what does this all mean for local distributors?

“There is a significant focus on ‘local’ in the beverage alcohol world right now,” said Chris Hesburgh, Executive Vice President of Client Services at Brandmuscle, said. “Craft beers, micro distilleries and more are all growing from local roots and marketers are really focusing on messages and media that can bring their brands into that local conversation in an authentic way.”

In today’s digital focused world, consumers are quick to snap a picture, check-in at a location or somehow communicate to their social networks where they are and what they’re doing. Because of this, brands have a huge opportunity they can tap into with Snapchat.

“Beverage alcohol brands can incorporate Snapchat across their whole marketing and messaging mix,” Hesburgh said. “For example, if your brand is focused primarily in the on premise space, there are many ways to incorporate Snapchat such as at your sampling events, bartender programs, drink specials, tastings, holiday marketing and more.”

Check out the full article on Advertising Age for more insight on how brands are using Snapchat while handling age restrictions.


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