How Creative Advertisements Influence Search Results for Brands

Christina Morello Written by: Christina Morello

Advertisements have the ability to impact media coverage, influence change and ignite new conversations. We saw it happen recently with the latest Gillette ad, and we’re sure to see it again soon with the Superbowl coming up. But what impact does powerful creative like this have on a brand and its search volume?

Our Executive Vice President of Product Marketing Jason Tabeling wanted to discover the answer to that. In his latest Search Engine Watch article, Tabeling looks at trends for different search terms, forecasted metrics and the effect it had on sales. He also outlines three considerations for brands with budgets not comparable to those like Gillette and Nike can take advantage of these learnings.

“Overall, it doesn’t really matter if you liked or didn’t like the Gillette ad. The fact is: it worked. It got people talking, it drove up search traffic, and even if it has half of the impact that a similar ad had for Nike, the sales will follow. So as much as we in search rely on consumers searching, remember there is still a lot of value in branded advertising big and small across mediums.”

For more insights on how creative impacts search engine results, check out the article.

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