How Do Brands Manage Hyper-Local Marketing? #Infographic

BMI Icon Marketing Written by: BrandMuscle Marketing

We're in the business of helping national and global brands effectively plan, implement and measure marketing that reaches targeted local audiences. It's what we do. But explaining the complexities of the programs, technology and tools that support distributed local marketing can be a challenge. Whether brands are supporting independent dealers, agents, franchisees, distributors or retailers, sometimes explaining the challenges can be as complicated as solving them.

Enter this infographic -- every marketer's favorite communication device. :-) And a great way to define the problem many brands are trying to solve.

We explained the concept of Local Marketing Automation earlier this year in a long-form blog post, but still found ourselves looking for a quick, visual way to explain the challenges our clients experience paired with the solutions we offer. The result is a simplified description of the day-to-day complexities that channel marketing, field marketing and distributor marketing professionals face. Download the infographic now.

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