How Global and National Brands are Keeping Up With the Mobile-First World

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

SVP Digital Jason Tabeling explains the importance of preparing for a mobile-first world in his most recent industry byline.

By now, brands should realize how important mobile is to their digital marketing efforts. As Google continues to make changes to the way your brand shows up in search, it’s equally as important to stay at the cusp of the mobile-first industry to reach your audience through the right customer experience and strong search rankings.

In a recent byline in ClickZ, our SVP Digital Jason Tabeling examines how brands can test to see if their website, and their affiliates websites, are prepared for Google’s mobile first index.  As the mobile industry continues to propel forward, Tabeling keeps a careful eye on the changing trends, studies the future of search engine rankings and helps prepare brands by ensuring that their rankings are preserved or increased.

Brandmuscle’s State of Local Marketing Report revealed that three in four local affiliates have websites, but nearly 37 percent don’t have, or don’t know if they have, a mobile responsive website. Digging a little deeper into our research, you’ll discover that nearly 60 percent of affiliates aren’t sure if their website ranks of the first page of Google. Knowing this, what steps can brands take to beat their competitors in the mobile arms race? Check out Tabeling’s recommendations for brands living in a mobile-first world in his latest byline.

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