How Voice Queries are Showing up in Search Data

Jason Tabeling Written by: Jason Tabeling

We hear about voice searches all the time. Though Google doesn’t provide specific information into how it was started, its significance is growing by the day and having a massive impact on consumer behavior. If brands don’t get a solid strategy in place to optimize their search accounts, they’ll quickly fall behind the competition.

In my latest Search Engine Watch article, I discuss how to monitor queries that are from voice and how these voice searches might show up in the data we currently have available.

“Putting yourself into the shoes of one of your customers is still a very helpful lens for account managers. We often take our eyes off what the consumer experience is considering how much focus and attention we put into the details of a good search program. However, sometimes it’s just as simple as seeing what the search query results look like as a consumer. Try a search on Google Home. Does it provide an answer? Is it an answer that was taken from your organic listing? What opportunities can you uncover with this information?”

For more insights and advice to stay ahead of this trend, check out my latest Search Engine Watch article.
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Jason Tabeling, BrandMuscle Executive Vice President of Product Marketing, is a regular contributor to Search Engine Watch

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