How Voice Search Queries Differ from Non-Voice Queries and What Brands Can Do to Keep up

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Voice search is no longer something for the future. It’s here, and it’s important for brands to be educated on the effect it has one their SEO and paid search strategies.

That’s exactly what BrandMuscle’s Associate Director, Paid Media Jeremy Borger addresses in his latest byline for the Local Search Association. In it, Jeremy reviews five ways that voice search queries differ from non-voice search queries, and what changes national and global brands must make to keep up with the trend:

Voice Search

“Voice search means we need to think more about the long tail of search activity. One impact might be changing the way you use match types in paid search. Exact match may have been your best performing match type for your desktop campaigns, but they may be missing voice search queries due to their long tail nature. Broad match modified keywords might do a better job in capturing some of the searches.”

Check out Jeremy’s full byline here.

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