How To Win With Franchisee Digital Marketing: Brandmuscle CDO Paul Elliott Explains in Franchise Update Byline

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Byline in Notable Publication Prioritizes Digital Marketing Tactics for Franchise Marketers in a Distributed Marketing Environment

Brandmuscle's Chief Digital Officer Paul Elliott has been on the job less than two months but is already making waves in the local marketing industry. His latest byline in Franchise Update spells out a detailed plan for franchisors -- or any brand operating in a distributed environment -- to prioritize their digital marketing and ensure local franchisees are being found by consumers ready to make a purchase.

"Consumers' growing use of digital and mobile to find, select and buy goods and services has fundamentally changed the way we as marketers must approach our jobs -- particularly in a distributed marketing environment," says Elliott in the article.

"For franchisors to truly support franchisees through the use of digital -- and effectively reach their consumers -- we've developed this prioritized list of local digital marketing tactics to help franchisors increase consumer awareness and drive local sales."

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