Industry Conference for "BRANDS to Local" Highlights Distributed Marketing Challenges and Opportunities

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BIA BRANDS 2016Local media analyst firm BIA/Kelsey brings together top minds in local marketing for day of learning and sharing

In addition to winning the award for "strategic use of digital in a local marketing campaign" last week in New York City, I had the opportunity to represent Brandmuscle as one of the major local marketing vendors in the industry. Rife with partners, competitors, media companies and a few national and global brands that sell through local affiliates, BIA/Kelsey's BRANDS summit formed a platform for intelligent conversation. The objective of that convo: make it easier for marketing managers of national brands to customize their marketing and media campaigns for local audiences.

As part of the conference (and my penchant for social media), I live tweeted the conference from the @Brandmuscle handle. We've captured that recap here 140-characters at a time along explanations of the presentations to help explain missing context. And while the recap doesn't capture the full essence of the BRANDS summit, let that serve as motivation to register for the conference next year.

KEYNOTE: Brand CMOs – What Your Local Strategy Should Look Like

"Bruce Rogers leads Forbes' Insights thought leadership research division, as well as the Forbes CMO Practice. The co-author of "Profitable Brilliance: How Professional Services Firms Become Thought Leaders," Rogers is an expert on the trends changing the business landscape. Get inspired with his innovative insights on the future of brands and local marketing and map your own success story."

Charting the Course for Using Local to Drive Value for Brands

"Brands have the ultimate goal of driving revenue via personalized marketing and ROI accountability. The cluster of local consumer signals is predictive of buying behavior and offers incredible opportunity to significantly lift brand and engagement goals. This session will discuss this symbiotic relationship and illustrate how to craft a profitable local strategy that will drive brand awareness on the local level."

Brand to Local Marketing Strategies: Cracking the Code

"Some brands opt for a more formal and centralized strategy for brand campaigns while others prefer to delegate more autonomy downstream. We'll examine case studies that clearly illustrate what’s working and why, to demonstrate the type of success each type of campaign can drive for brands."

KEYNOTE: Reaching, Connecting and Engaging Brands with Consumers Using Cross-Platform Strategies

"Having spent the last decade as a top research, analytics and consumer insights expert, Subramanyam is one of a select group of media and entertainment executives with extensive experience in all areas of the industry – television, digital, radio, and social media. Her vital role in iHeartMedia’s vast array of operations gives her in-depth understanding of how to use digital analytics, ratings and measurement, ad sales research, mobile measurement, and programming analysis to build productive cross-platform strategies. If data secretly intimidates you, Subramanyam will tame it for you and explain how to make it work to your advantage immediately."

Brands Go Local with Data-Driven Marketing

"We've heard the most successful campaigns are fueled with data analytics. But what type of data is the most important to track? We'll discuss how to build transparency, confidence and efficiency into your data aggregation process to drive better campaign decisions you can feel confident about."

Programmatic + Local TV = Audience Targeting

"Programmatic advertising is becoming entrenched in national and headed into local television but there are many moving parts required for success. Learn the top 5 things you need to know right now to drive targeting, efficiency and ROI."

FIRESIDE CHAT: David Lebow, Chief Revenue Officer, YP Marketing Solutions

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: Localizing a Brand in a Mobile Marketplace

"Dunkin' Donuts – the very brand name conjures good thoughts. But delicious food doesn't guarantee the continued success of a brand. Today's busy consumers are looking more and more to their mobile phones for connections to brands. Our keynoter will reveal innovations Dunkin' has used to localize its brands in a mobile consumer marketplace."

Tapping the Power of Co-Op Dollars, Market Development Funds and Brand Networks

"Brands understand that local marketing pays off but they have different strategies for developing, running and funding programs. How can the creative forces of local and those of brands synergize their efforts? It's achievable with the right data, insights and budget application. Don't let outdated marketing programs leave billions in untapped revenue on the table."

Location-Based Marketing – Mobile, Beacons, IoT

"The consumer’s purchase journey literally is becoming mapped from top of the funnel to actual purchase behaviors. With access to increasingly powerful and timely data, brands have powerful tools to inform campaign strategy and execution and see closed-loop ROI and campaign optimization results."

...And of course:

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