Infographic: 5 Ways to Own Local Marketing in 2017

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Surveying more than 2,100 dealer, agents and franchisees of national brands, covering 75,000 data points and including direct input from marketing executives, the State of Local Marketing Report covers off on a lot of information.

Since publishing in November, our annual research report has been drumming up industry attention and helping national brands do some serious rethinking to their local marketing strategies. It’s 75-pages long and covers off on topics from digital marketing to co-op spend and everything in between. Basically, it’s a blueprint for local marketing success.

However, we understand that your schedule might not allow you to read the report cover-to-cover.  To help you out, we took the most important information from the report and squeezed it down into an infographic for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to download the full report to see our complete data set, analysis and recommendations.

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