Infographic: Three Digital Local Marketing Tactics You Should Adopt in 2015

BMI Icon Marketing Written by: BrandMuscle Marketing

If you manage a local marketing program, your excuses *not* to use digital marketing tactics are probably wearing pretty thin. With 81 percent of American adults online and younger generations glued to electronic devices, reaching customers through digital marketing – like email, web sites and social media – is only growing in importance for local marketers and the national brands that support them.

Unfortunately, Brandmuscle’s research shows that most SMBs aren’t receiving the support they need to use digital channels effectively. Specifically, email, social media and online branding present a trouble spot for dealers, agents and franchisees on the local level who view learning digital marketing as “overwhelming.”  To help brand marketers and local SMBs identify where and how to get started with digital marketing, Brandmuscle created this infographic. Please read, share and enjoy!

Click to see the full-sized version.


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