The Key Benefits of Local Marketing Automation: Who Wins and Why

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Local Marketing AutomationLocal marketing automation fills a need in the marketplace, and demand continues to grow. Why? Because it works. When implemented correctly, the results can be amazing — not only on the bottom line, but the top line, too.

Local marketing automation is fundamentally different from conventional marketing automation and campaign management solutions. That’s because local marketing automation provides all of the benefits of a multi-channel marketing automation platform — while also offering capabilities that are essential to distributed marketers.

The defining characteristic of local marketing automation technology is the ability to uniquely support an environment with a centralized corporate marketing function and a network of regional or localized businesses with their own local target audiences. According to Gleanster, these organizations have the following needs and requirements:

  • A need to manage marketing communications via a corporate entity that oversees the brand and executes marketing campaigns.

  • A desire to provide regional, local or field business operations with corporate-branded and approved materials that can be personalized for the nuances of a local target audience.

  • A need to manage multi-channel engagement across email, the web, and offline locations.

  • A need to centrally manage brand compliant templates, logos, graphics, and standards to ensure that the brand is consistently represented across all regions and channels.

  • A need to segment customer data or customer lists for use by field marketers.

  • A desire to customize marketing communications (print, digital, signage, etc.) for local audiences but still ensure compliance with the brand.

  • A need to reduce or manage redundant relationships and costs with agencies and technology providers.

  • A need to manage shared financial investments across corporate and local marketing efforts.

In summary, the Gleanster research points out that the customer experience has emerged as critical component to earning share of wallet. Great customer experiences are defined by highly relevant channel-sensitive engagement. Nobody knows local target audiences better than local marketers, so it behooves distributed organizations to find a way to empower, not just control, local marketing communications.

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