'Local Marketing Automation' is more than just 'Marketing Automation'

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Is your marketing department suffering from content chaos? You aren't alone.Local Marketing Automation vs Marketing Automation

According to Gleanster, organizations today are juggling an average of three to five different marketing technologies.

That might seem like a lot to manage, but in a distributed marketing environment, the challenges of managing multi-channel execution are even greater. That’s because corporate marketing has one objective, while local marketers have another. Corporate wants to establish a compelling and unified relationship between the brand and consumers. Local marketers want to drive local sales.

If corporate and local marketers work together well, their objectives can be complementary. But if the relationship between corporate and local isn't well-managed, both sides can actually end up working against each other - a waste of time, energy, and ultimately, revenue.

In a regional or local marketing environment, it’s not uncommon to see local marketers investing in their own marketing technologies for greater autonomy in communications with the local audience. That means the actual number of technologies utilized by the brand can be amplified by 200 to 300 percent according to Gleanster, and that’s a recipe for even greater chaos.

This creates opportunities for inconsistent branding, challenges in managing customer preferences, and a general lack of visibility at the corporate level about the success of local initiatives.

When you are dealing with a distributed market, how do you engage a target audience with just the right message, at just the right time, in just the right channel? Point solutions like campaign management and marketing automation are not designed to make the brand scalable for both corporate and local stakeholders.

The most comprehensive, effective solution is local marketing automation technology.

Local marketing automation provides all of the benefits of a multi-channel marketing automation platform — while also offering capabilities that are essential to distributed marketers. In this way, local marketing automation technology is fundamentally different — and more comprehensive — than marketing automation or campaign management.

To learn more about the local marketing technology landscape, download a free Local Marketing Automation Whitepaper from Gleanster here.

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