Local Paid Search and SEO Are Overlapping in 2016 Results Pages

Jason Tabeling Written by: Jason Tabeling

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Search marketing professionals have been surprised time and again in 2016. Consumers' increasing use of mobile devices and changes Google has made to their search offerings have been more significant than ever before, meaning the implications for local marketing will be significant as well. But don't take it from me. Like most "marketing generalists," I rely on the expertise of folks like Brandmuscle's SVP of Digital Jason Tabeling for the inside scoop:

Crazy, but I've been doing this report for 7 years now & this year had the most changes. CC: @brandmuscle #SEO #ppc

— Jason Tabeling (@jtabeling) July 5, 2016


Understanding the full implications of Google's recent changes for a distributed marketing environment may take time, but knowing how local search results pages are changing is a good start. In his most recent byline for Search Engine Watch, Tabeling reflects on his seven years writing a column about the intersection of PPC and SEO and the massive amount of change he's seen so far in 2016 -- including the removal of Google's paid search right rail ads in February 2016.

Thinking through what this means for brands, we turn to Tabeling's post:

"Overall the amount of change has really accelerated in the past 12 months around search results. This challenges a lot of the established protocols that brands and agencies have been using.


"If you haven’t considered what these changes have done to your results, or you haven’t already seen an impact to your data you should take a look."

What should your brand and local affiliates do to adjust?

Read the full article to find out.


SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Alexa Kempton in our digital department for crunching all the numbers Jason used to pull this article together.

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