National Brands Are Missing the Mark By Avoiding Localization

Jason Tabeling Written by: Jason Tabeling


Consumers want local content. It's that simple. With the power of localization increasing due to the growth in mobile and digital marketing, now is the time for national brands to focus on it. But why are some global and national brands not reciprocating?

Our SVP of Digital Marketing Jason Tabeling answered that question in his latest article published on Search Engine Watch. In it, Tabeling explains why national brands are hesitant to zeroing in on local, and offers four ideas for brands to kick start local marketing efforts.

"There is a lot of talk recently about personalization as Google, Facebook and others continue to roll our new targeting features. These features, like Customer Match and Custom Audiences, allow advertisers to target consumers based on previous data captured. These targeting capabilities have been incredible at driving improved return on investment. I think these features are not only better for advertisers, but also consumers. However, what I continue to find interesting in these campaigns is the lack of focus on localization."

Our recently published State of Local Marketing Report emphasized the importance of local digital marketing and offered tips for capitalizing on the opportunity, and Jason's byline solidifies the research as he dives into examples and insights of his own.

"Now I understand why localization is often overlooked.  It’s harder to manage ads at local levels.  Things are just easier to manage at scale, one bid, one keyword, one ad.  Localizing still requires a tremendous amount of effort, but effort that is well worth it, even for those brands that are truly national or online only. So, if we know that consumers want localized content/ads and performance varies significantly by state and city, what is the best way to take advantage of this knowledge?"

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