"Near Me" Search Volume Increase Highlights Online-to-Offline Value

Jason Tabeling Written by: Jason Tabeling


Last year, we created a video to showcase the opportunity local marketings pros have with the explosion of searches including phrases like "near me" or "nearby." Google saw this local-mobile trend and brought us the "Mobilegeddon." And we couldn't resist the urge to use such fun industry jargon.

Funny jargon aside, the Mobilegeddon never really ended. In fact, our resident search and digital strategy expert Jason Tabeling just published a piece specific to the increase in "near me" searches. In it, Tabeling discusses how brands and local affiliates can look to attribute online-to-offline value as part of their overall program:

'Near me' searches are exploding & it highlights a major challenge in valuing mobile. #ppc #local Cc: @brandmuscle

— Jason Tabeling (@jtabeling) August 22, 2016

Whether or not you bought into the hype of "Mobilegeddon" or if you believe that 2017 will *finally* be the "year of mobile" (as 2015 and 2016 were drummed up to be), understanding how mobile device usage is impacting your marketing -- both on- and off-line -- is important to understanding how to shift your marketing dollars to best reach consumers. Here's an excerpt from Tabeling that sets up the post:

"Brands have been thinking that consumers don’t want to transact locally, which is a bit counterintuitive. Certain market segments present better online retail opportunities, sure, but this isn’t an absolute truth.

When looking at a wide set of data that doesn’t include restaurants or other things that will never be bought/sold online, you can find proof that consumers haven’t really changed their buying preferences, but instead have changed the way they seek data and expect to find information."

Read the full article for more.


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