New Report Gives Insight into Marketing for the Future

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Forbes Insights recently published a report on marketing for the future based on interviews with more than 300 senior-level marketing executives. The report, “Bringing 20/20 Foresight to Marketing,” highlights tactics that some of the country’s most innovative marketers use to remain at the forefront of the industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s marketer is the overwhelming number of channels available for communication. In addition to television, print and radio, there is now social media, SMS messaging, location-based services like FourSquare and flash sales sites like Groupon. According to 78 percent of the marketers surveyed, there is greater scrutiny today than there was a year ago on figuring out which channels are getting results and which aren’t. Today, marketers don’t just need to know about the latest tools, they need to know how each tool can deliver a message that speaks to the consumer while fitting into the company’s overall marketing goal.

To keep up with all of today’s channels, marketing leaders are drawing from a larger pool of data than ever before. According to the report, the best marketers inform their decisions by analyzing everything from online behavior like search, social media and mobile use to offline behavior like in-store decisions, customer service feedback and historical data.

These marketing leaders don’t wait for a year of data to pile up; they make decisions in real time. According to the study, only 9 percent of respondents tracked and adjusted their campaigns in real time. Among companies that classified their marketing as “world class,” however, 27 percent tracked performance in real time and 39 percent adjusted campaigns based on real-time data.

Staying competitive in this rapidly changing marketing environment requires strategic planning and investment in tools that successfully deliver your message to the right audience through the right channels. For companies with a strong network of retailers, agents, dealers, distributors, etc., the biggest challenge is making sure that your local marketing adheres to corporate standards while maintaining marketing’s best practices. BrandMuscle makes it very simple and easy for your marketers and sales force on the local level to automate tasks like ad customization to keep your brand consistent across channels, while allowing for sophisticated analysis.

Through BrandMuscle, marketers can create, measure and adjust advertising on a local level in real time, creating a powerful one-to-one personalized message. Your messages can quickly be updated through both print and digital platforms, making sure your customers are up-to-date on product changes and new offers. BrandMucle’s suite of marketing software helps you to identify and target the right advertising tactics to ultimately increase your sales and further drive your business. Learn more by requesting a customized product demo.

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