New Study Explores the Local Marketing Automation Technology Landscape

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Managing multi-channel communications is challenging enough for marketing organizations. But if your company's marketing team supports a network of dealers, sales reps, branches, agents, franchisees, independent retailers, etc., you know it's exponentially harder to manage brand consistency and the customer experience in this distributed marketing environment.

Local marketing automation is an emerging class of technology that makes it easy for corporate marketers to maintain brand consistency as well as give their local affiliates freedom and flexibility in communications to their local target audience.

The defining characteristic of local marketing automation technology is the ability to uniquely support an environment with a centralized corporate marketing function and a network of regional or localized businesses with their own local targeted audiences. Through local marketing automation, you can control brand consistency and multi-channel messaging at a local level.

While many marketers invest in local marketing automation platforms to drive down operational expenses and achieve better brand consistency, Gleanster found that the top performing companies using local marketing automaton reported a 300% or more increase in revenue growth within the first 12 months of investing in the technology. Proving, local marketing automation is often a win-win for the top and bottom lines in most organizations.

Important takeaways:

  • What makes local marketing automation platforms different from other traditional campaign execution tools
  • Deep dive on the landscape of local marketing technologies available for distributed marketers
  • Nuances of campaign management, email marketing, marketing automation and digital asset management  in distributed marketing environments
  • How to justify your investment in local marketing automation software
  • Gleanster's recommendations for local marketing automation

Key findings:

  • Top Performers are 9x more likely to leverage local marketing automation tools
  • Top Performers using local marketing automation technology reported 300% or more increases in revenue growth within the first 12 months of investing in the technology
  • 76% of Top Performers indicated divesting of legacy processes was one of two top challenges with investing in local marketing automation

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