Newspapers must nail their niche

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

Just as we “tweeted” on Twitter about print still being a viable marketing channel for the pizza industry, many in the magazine and newspaper business believe niche markets will make it possible for newspapers to not only survive but also flourish.

Lute Harmon Sr., chairman of Inside Business, shared his thoughts on the matter, based on years of experience in the industry, in a recent issue of the publication.

In his opinion, “Newspapers have an important role to play in the media mix, and there will be more, not less, in the years to come.”

In marketing, it has long been known that companies have to deliver messages through various mediums to appeal to individuals’ preferred method of receiving information.

While those who have grown up in the digital age are comfortable receiving information via the Internet or through mobile technology, there always will be individuals (even some “techies”) that still delight at the thought of spending a Sunday morning reading the local paper and clipping coupons for the week ahead, or flipping through the pages of a glossy magazine or trade publication while kicking back on the patio or relaxing on the couch.

According to Harmon, targeting will be the key to newspapers’ success. “Newspapers of the future will be targeted and branded for smaller groups of people with common interests,” he said. Click here to read the full article.

So the newspapers of the future may look a little different, but there’s still nothing like a fresh paper waiting in the driveway, the smell of newsprint right off the presses or the familiar crumple as you flip through the pages ready to be engrossed in a “good read.”

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