2024 is a pivotal year, particularly for hyper-local marketing strategies. And this time we have generative AI videos to thank for the next wave of change.

Generative AI videos are the next big thing

At the heart of this transformation is a tool that has long been considered both powerful and prohibitive: video marketing. But as we navigate this year, the democratization of video content creation through advanced generative AI is not just a possibility — it’s a game-changing reality.

Video marketing has been a key player in effective marketing strategies for years. However, the challenges of high production costs and extensive time investments have often kept this tool out of reach for many, especially local businesses.

But in 2024, generative AI is flipping the script (pun intended). This year, we’ll observe a notable transformation in marketing approaches, facilitated by the democratization of AI tools enabling the creation of top-notch video content. This shift renders formerly expensive endeavors within reach, making them both accessible and budget-friendly.

Generative AI isn’t new to us, even though it is new. Through AI, brands can swiftly generate compelling copy and artwork. Its impending extension to video marketing promises a significant shift for smaller companies and smaller budgets. AI-generated video will empower marketers and affiliates to create impactful, professional-level video content with considerably less effort, bringing about a newfound ease and accessibility.

Predictions for video marketing in 2024

This evolution in video marketing is a boon for local businesses. It’s a chance to level the playing field, allowing them to compete with larger brands (and budgets) more effectively. This will undoubtedly unlock a new wave of creativity and personalization in marketing.

Think about the charm of homemade, low-budget commercials on local networks:

In Cleveland, we have Norton Furniture, known for decades for its strange and unusual late-night commercials. And if you’re a fan of the television show “Friends,” you likely remember Janice’s husband, The Mattress King, and all of his quirky commercials.

These types of commercials have been a staple of hyper-local marketing, yet they pale in comparison to the polish of national campaigns. With AI-driven video creation, these local businesses will be able to make a significant impact, combining the authenticity of their local appeal with the sophistication of high-quality video content.

The risks of generative AI video content

This democratization of video marketing won’t be without its challenges for big brands.

The rise of local affiliates experimenting with video AI necessitates the establishment of guidelines to maintain brand consistency and adherence to regulations across video content. It’s a delicate balance to strike — maintaining brand identity while empowering local affiliates to express their unique voices within the brand’s framework.

As we venture deeper into 2024, the integration of AI in video marketing will not just be a trend but a transformative tool that reshapes the landscape of hyper-local marketing. AI-generated video will offer an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to elevate their marketing strategies while posing a strategic challenge for larger brands to elevate their marketing strategies while supporting their local affiliates.

The future is now

The future of hyper-local marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI. For businesses big and small, it’s a time to embrace this change, harness the power of AI-driven content, and rewrite the rules of engagement in this AI-powered digital age.

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