The Role of AI-Powered Virtual Assistants in Marketing

Aaron Gilbreath | October 11, 2022

How AI marketing assistants solve for local partner marketing challenges.

Virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence enhance customer, partner, and employee experiences and are revolutionizing local marketing. As Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute, wrote in his book Marketing Artificial Intelligence, businesses are in a rare position to create industry-wide change and reinvent what it means to be a marketer. You don’t have to become a machine learning engineer or a data scientist to take advantage of what AI enables. You simply have to understand what is possible with smarter technologies and then apply them to your business.

AI Solves for Local Partner Challenges

Channel partners are foundational to driving brand awareness and local sales, but they need guidance on the right assets, messaging, and tactics to succeed in local marketing. BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing Research reveals that 34% of partners want marketing recommendations, 33% need to focus on dedicated program support, and 35% said that tools to help manage their marketing program were outdated or not available. This is why BrandMuscle created Markie, the industry’s first local marketing virtual assistant.

Built using AI and machine learning, Markie is a low-friction way to reduce barriers to program participation and have a meaningful impact on our local channel partners by solving marketing challenges. As a do-it-for-me opportunity, Markie performs tasks for partners they don’t have the time or expertise to do. Local partners who struggle with marketing will be able to pose a question to Markie via SMS text, email, or a chatbot within the BrandMuscle Intelligent Local Marketing Platform, and have Markie make specific recommendations and execute marketing tactics for them using AI. Markie solves partners’ challenges by making local marketing guidance extremely accessible.

AI Improves the Customer Experience

AI also improves the customer experience. 64% of consumers are more likely to interact with a chatbot than to search for an answer themselves on a website. This is a consumer statistic, but local partners are also consumers, so the likelihood that they’re interacting with virtual assistants in their B2C interactions brings a level of familiarity. Chatbots have been in the space for a number of years. Now we’re seeing virtual assistants used in B2B organizations with increasing frequency.

AI Marketing Assistants in B2B

AI-powered marketing assistants are a key part of the industry’s transformation, as B2B marketers look at the future of buying and the future of work. Virtual assistants are proving crucial to facilitating complex dynamic and sustained conversations, and to automating business processes and tasks that are required in the follow up to those conversations. These can include data updates, nurture decisioning, and RDR outreach cadences.

Some popular use cases for marketing include increased generation, qualification, deal acceleration, and even longer-term nurture. As businesses think about internal and employee use cases for AI, these include guidance and education, delivering the right information at the right time, the ability to connect members of buying groups, and the ability to better understand those group dynamics. AI marketing assistants can scale sales outreach and follow up activities, and then automate connected business processes, like meeting scheduling and coordination, data updates, and other systems such as CRM. Of course, users can leverage virtual assistants to optimize the customer onboarding experience and drive one-to-one customer success at scale.

Ready for an AI Marketing Assistant to Transform Your Business?

Watch the full webcast, Drive ROI With AI: The Future of Channel Marketing With a Virtual Assistant, or contact BrandMuscle to find out how Markie, the industry’s first local marketing virtual assistant, will drive program utilization and enhance customer, partner, and employee experiences.

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