Three BIG Channel Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make and How to Eliminate Them

Lori Alba Written by: Lori Alba

A top challenge for manufacturers/OEM's is providing channel partners (dealers, distributors, resellers, retailers) with relevant and compelling ads and marketing content that is easily accessible, customizable and brand-friendly, while balancing the needs of each party. Although many manufacturers provide a "manual" of marketing rules to ensure product messaging is consistent, securing participation, providing the right mix of media options and tracking ROI remains a constant struggle.

Three Common Channel Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make:

1) Providing access to marketing content, but not supporting personalization or co-branding opportunities.

Channel partners and dealers need to connect their brand (not just yours) to their end consumers to drive sales, increase brand recognition and deliver timely local messaging. Allowing channel partners to customize marketing materials by selecting from different headlines, product images and offers helps speak to the needs of consumers in their local markets; using distributed marketing management software allows you to do this while at the same time protecting brand standards and legal requirements.

2) Missing opportunities to generate new business and brand loyalty across traditional and digital media channels.

Most channel partners are working with tight budgets and limited resources. While they realize email, online display advertising, direct mail, video and social media are great, cost-effective ways to drive demand and loyalty, they lack the marketing know-how and resources to effectively use these mediums. Some channel partners may not even have a website. Investing in a distributed marketing management solution that enables channel partners to utilize these mediums can help you achieve far greater return on your co-op marketing investments.

3) Forgetting how important speed and ease of use is.

Many manufacturers provide their channel partners with a number of tools to help with marketing. But they are often disjointed and as a result, not used: one system and workflow for creating print ads; another for sending emails; yet another for accessing co-op funds. A fully integrated distributed marketing management solution offers your channel partners an easy, centralized marketing portal where they can quickly customize and deliver traditional and digital media, order promotional items and even apply co-op funds (if available) to pay for their selections. It also gives you, the corporate marketer, the ability to track usage, monitor performance, and most importantly, measure ROI.

BrandMuscle has turned these marketing challenges and many others into revenue generating opportunities for leading manufacturers like PPG Automotive Refinish, Simonton Windows, Shaw Floors, Bang & Olufsen, Konica Minolta, Steelcase and many others.

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