The Three Hidden Truths of a Brand Management Partnership

Christina Morello Written by: Christina Morello

When executing marketing across a distributed network of dealers, agents and franchisees, handling brand management on your own can feel like spreading mulch with a pair of tweezers. That’s why corporate marketers turn to templates as the most effective way to manage their brand across their network.

Yet not all templates are created equal. A template’s power stems from the template’s creator. 

Chances are, there’s not someone on your corporate marketing team that specializes in both the creative and the technical sides of building templates. Managing legal and brand compliance through template creation seems (somewhat) straightforward, but we’ve often seen brands struggle to execute on their own.

Having a qualified partner create and manage your templates will save you and your brand time and frustrations while ensuring your templates are held to the most up-to-date best practices in template creation.

Consider these three hidden truths to having a partner handle your marketing templates:  

1. Time Savings for the Corporate Marketer

As a corporate marketer, you should not spend a massive amount of your already limited time creating, building, and distributing templates. If you’re not habitually building these templates, the task becomes even more complex. Allowing a partner to do this creates more time for your team, ensures the results you’re seeking, and lets you focus on more strategic areas of marketing.

When time is of the essence, turnaround times for new templates used in different campaigns are crucial. Seek a partner with extensive experience executing rapid turnaround times so your new message will get out to your audience in on-brand templates quicker. No matter how complex your creative may seem, the right partner won’t let you waste any time building templates or getting them out to market. 

2. Breadth and Depth of Expertise

To successfully create templates, one must understand creative, client business rules, and, often, the basics in engineering languages. The right partner is a subject matter expert who will program the complex business rules that meet client’s needs. All templates should contain two parts: Static regions, that your partners can’t edit, and variable regions, that allow for multiple creative options within a single template. If you often run integrated campaigns, you’ll want to make sure your templates are programmed to auto-populate across chosen tactics to save your local business partner the time of updating each individually. Find a partner who has the elevated skillset to understand that there are two audiences when creating templates – 1) the corporate marketer, who is concerned with standards and messaging to attract and convert the customer, and 2) the local business partner, who wants enough control through those variable regions to promote their business. Brand management requires a design thinking approach to assess the strategic, technical, practical, and cognitive desires of all involved.   

3. Expertise Across Many Verticals, Especially the Most Regulated 

A partner that has expertise across many verticals, particularly the most regulated ones, allows them to not only share insight from deep within a vertical you may be very familiar with, but bring to light innovation that is happening in other verticals that can easily translate and deliver impact. Your partner should understand the deep complexities of brand management, such as the legal requirements, licensing and disclosure requirements that can vary by state. Look for a flexible team trained in understanding best practices for each industry to ensure your templates are both legally and brand compliant, maximizing their effectiveness.

Brand management across a distributed network is a time vacuum filed with complex intricacies. Finding the right partner is crucial to success. Make sure you choose a partner who values speedy and efficient turnarounds, has a long history of successful template building, and truly understands the intricacies of brand management with depth and breadth across a wide range of verticals. 

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