The Top 10 Pieces of Location Marketing Content from BrandMuscle in 2016

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Another year down means another year of great content generated at Brandmuscle for our clients, readers and the local marketing category. Covering everything from digital media to co-op marketing, we’ve researched, written and analyzed topics spanning several areas of interest for local marketing leaders in charge of distributed marketing channels at global and national brands.

We realize you may have missed some content through the year, and we wanted to make sure you didn’t bypass the best posts as you begin implementing your local marketing strategy in 2017. To give you a quick rundown of our most popular content, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten content pieces at Brandmuscle in 2016, according to Google Analytics, newsletter metrics and social media shares.

Our advice? Bookmark this blog post; you’ll want it next year ;)

social10.) Three Social Media Mistakes in Local Marketing and How Brands can Fix Them (blog)

Social media is still as prevalent as ever, especially for local affiliates. To find out exactly how affiliates use social media and what they need from their corporate brand to use it as efficiently as possible, we talked to one of our internal social media experts Shelly Thayer. We discovered three common misconceptions affiliates have when it comes to social media and compiled pieces of advice for each point. Worth the read as you plan your social media marketing plan for 2017!

coop9.) Brandmuscle Infographic Highlights the Success and Failure of Co-op Advertising and MDF Programs (infographic)

We love infographics, and so do our readers. This particular piece – created using Gleanster’s State of Co-op and MDF benchmark report– shares insights into how multi-channel marketing managers can make more strategic investments in people, process and technologies to support their co-op advertising programs. Check out the infographic for actionable insights and data and learn why it made the top 10 pieces of content for 2016.

nearme8.) “Near Me” Search Volume Increase Highlights Online-to-Offline Value (byline)

Bringing Jason Tabeling onto our team this year has not only helped clients engaged with our performance marketing team, but it also added another great mind to our list of blog authors. In one of Jason’s most popular bylines published in Search Engine Watch, he highlights the increase in “near me” searches and discusses how brands and local affiliates can attribute online-to-offline value as part of their overall program. It’s a great piece for anyone executing local digital marketing for a national brand on behalf of individual locations.

boozesnapchat7.) How Alcohol Brands Can Leverage Snapchat Despite Age Risks (blog)

As our most recent State of Local Marketing Report found, local affiliates are catching on to the effectiveness of Snapchat: an interactive, millennial-friendly social network. An AdAge article highlighting the opportunity for Snapchat in the beverage marketing industry discussed age restrictions and other issues involving use of Snapchat for beverage marketing purposes. Our Executive Vice President of Client Service Chris Hesburgh, who works heavily with some of the world’s largest beverage brands, weighed in on how local distributors can use Snapchat while staying in line with policies.

DigitalEBrochureLarge6.) Digital eBrochure: Local Digital Marketing for National Brands: A Quick How-To Guide (eBrochure)

This interactive eBrochure took a deep dive into the findings from the State of Local Marketing Report published in Q4 2015 (although the data isn’t our most current, the is still as relevant as ever). The interactive guide (a Brandmuscle product!) outlines why local affiliates are still struggling with digital media and offers best practices for national brand managers to assist them. It’s a visual piece of content that hit home with a lot of our readers who were looking for a quick, step-by-step guide on managing and excelling at local digital marketing.

paulbyline5.) How to Win With Franchisee Digital Marketing: Paul Elliot Byline (byline)

Since beginning his role as Brandmuscle’s Chief Digital Office in April of 2016, Paul Elliott has continued to make significant waves in the local marketing industry. He has shared his thought leadership in several notable publications since his hire, one being Franchise Update. In one of his most popular articles, Paul speaks to franchise industry leaders on how to best execute digital marketing for their entire franchisee network. The article containes so much valuable information, we had to break it up! Check out part two here!

seasonalholidays4.) Seasonal and Holiday Best Practices for Local Beverage/Alcohol Marketing (blog)

Cold winters in our Chicago and Cleveland offices make it seem like so long ago that we were talking about summer holidays and warm weather, but this blog post was a hit as the weather started heating up. And it’s a great resource for 2017 spring and summer planning. The informative post outlines best practices for beverage suppliers and distributors looking to coordinate their local marketing initiatives around summer celebrations and holidays, from the Fourth of July to graduation parties and patio happy hours. Check it out and get back in the summer state of mind!

7questions3.) Seven Questions Channel Marketers Should Ask to Build a Better Co-op Program (blog)

This year brought us another regular blog author: Christina Kim, who brings her channel marketing expertise to the Brandmuscle blog – a popular topic amongst our readers managing co-op, spiff and local marketing incentive programs. As you reflect on your 2016 co-op marketing programs and look to make improvements in 2017, this blog post breaks down questions 1-3 to ask yourself how you can better optimize and streamline co-op advertising for your re-sellers. For questions 4-7, check out part 2!

borhonda2.) Two Proven Tech Innovators Join Brandmuscle Leadership Team (blog)

2016 brought huge opportunities to Brandmuscle and our clients, especially for clients who are digitally focused with the hire of Elliott and his team. However, the hire of two tech visionaries propelled Brandmuscle to stay at the forefront of local marketing innovation. Bo Shim, Brandmuscle’s newly appointed Chief Technology Officer, and Rhonda Parouty, Executive Vice President, Channel Management Solutions, joined the team in September 2016. The announcement on our blog was important to our readers; see what the significant hires means for the industry and Brandmuscle clients.

solmremailnew1.) Report: Study Says Local Marketing Will Be Pivotal for Brands in 2017 (report)

It’s no surprise to us that our best piece of content in 2016 was our annual State of Local Marketing Report published in October 2016. A long awaited piece of content for the industry, the report gives global and national brands that sell through a distributed network of local dealers, agents, franchisees, retailers and distributors a blueprint for success in 2017. This year, besides providing actionable insights and comprehensive data, the report includes the State of Local Marketing Quadrant™ as well as significant input from local marketing leaders at the corporate offices of global and national brands. All that to say, the report is an excellent piece of content, and one you won’t want to miss as continue evolving your local marketing strategies into 2017 and beyond.

Of the top 10, which was your favorite? And as we begin planning content for 2017, what would you want us to cover? We want to know! Comment below with suggestions.

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