The Top Brandmuscle Blog Posts of 2015

Olivia Young Written by: Olivia Young

shutterstock_323042046This past year we worked hard to create valuable content for our readers, providing insights about distributed local marketing to help our clients own local. It's been fun exploring and writing about these topics and we hope that you've enjoyed 2015 just as much as we have.

We know that a few of you have joined the Brandmuscle blog a little late, but we're happy you're here. And to make sure you don't miss out on any outstanding content from 2015, we dove deep into Google Analytics to reveal the best posts of 2015. To guarantee we highlighted the most practical and enlightening information, we looked at post views, shares, topics and media coverage to resurface the best we blogged about in 2015.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. We proudly present the top Brandmuscle blog posts of 2015:

8. Brandmuscle to Serve Up Knowledge and Power at #WSWA72 Convention

Brandmuscle was a show sponsor at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of American 72nd Annual Convention and Exposition and shared insights on how suppliers and distributors in the beverage and alcohol industry can increase their marketing efforts using Brandmuscle's software and services. This post kicks off our list because it showcases our work in that industry, which we don't talk about much but is definitely worth checking out. (For more, check out Brandmuscle's interactive eBrochure on marketing tools for the beverage and alcohol industry here.)

7. Small Biz Websites Aren't Fit for Mobile Search (Video)

This short "info-video" helps local marketers take advantage of the most common starting point for consumers using mobile devices: SEARCH. The post includes tips and a short video explanation about Local Marketing and the "Mobilegeddon," that remains relevant months after Google's big change to mobile search results.

6. Twelve Advantages to Outsourcing Your Channel Marketing or Co-op fund Management

Paired with a white paper of the same title, this post earned a spot on the list because it gives real reasons our clients outsource their co-op fund management to Brandmuscle. It's a bit of a teaser because it only provides four of the twelve reasons within the post, but we hope channel marketing managers enjoy the full, complementary white paper available for download with registration.

5. How to Make National Advertising Templates That Work Best in Local Markets

Templates are dynamic pieces of advertising creative that allow marketers in specific locations to adapt national materials for their local audiences. On the ad-builder or customization side of our business, they're the core of what we do. We chose this post because it includes the start of our template guide, which provides high-level tips for both designers and marketing managers. Make sure to check out Part 2 at the end to learn how customizable marketing assets connect national brands with local consumers.

4. The Dangers of Facebook "Blaster" Service

“Black hat” digital marketing techniques can seem very attractive to local marketers looking for cheap and easy ways to reach a broad audience. Unfortunately, they're called "black hat" because they cheat the system and are unethical, often illegal tactics that can harm a brand’s reputation long term, despite the promise (and sometimes realization) of short-term gains. This post focuses on one example of a black hat social media practice, providing tips on how to avoid these tactics that will hurt your social media efforts and potentially land you in trouble with Facebook.

3. Study Finds Advances in Local Marketing Are Helping Small Businesses

Small businesses with tight budgets are finding success with traditional and online marketing but a rapidly changing local marketing landscape leaves them in need of help. This post is worthy to rank in the top three because it includes informative key findings from our latest State of Local Marketing Report. Download the full report if you like what you see (link available in post).

2. What is Local Marketing Automation?

Ranking as the second popular post among our readers, this post deserves recognition because of its descriptive explanation of Local Marketing Automation -- a term that gets thrown around a lot to create buzz but is rarely dissected. Differentiating LMA from the broader term "marketing automation," the post dives into what it means at a national level and for local affiliate marketers, which goes unnoticed at times.

1. Infographic: Three Digital Local Marketing Tactics You Should Adopt in 2015

Not only does this post take home the gold medal for our list, but it was ranked as number two on the Top 10 Infographics of 2015 on MarketingProfs. This infographic earns the well deserved title as Brandmuscle's number one blog post of 2015 based on its format (do you know a marketer who doesn't love infographics?) as well as its utility to guide local affiliates toward practical digital marketing areas they should pursue. And don't let the title fool you. These tips will be just as useful in 2016 as well.


What do you think of our list? Is there a Brandmuscle blog post you think should've made the cut? Most importantly, what should we cover in 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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