The Top Six Local Marketing Blog Posts In Six Months

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

Brandmuscle’s Best Insights So Far in 2016 For Brands Managing Small Business Marketing

This year is already halfway over (we know, we can’t believe it either).Topblogs3

Our first six months of 2016 were busy as ever, producing valuable content for our readers  to help them own local in the distributed marketing space (and announcing a few exciting additions to the Brandmuscle team along the way).

As we take a breather and look back at what we’ve created, we decided to wrap it all up into one comprehensive post displaying our top six blog posts in the first six months of 2016.  To be sure we compiled the most useful information, we checked Google Analytics, newsletter metrics and social media shares, identifying the most popular insights to resurface.

Without further ado, your top six Brandmuscle blog posts in six months:

events6.) Four Keys to Throwing Wildly Successful Local Marketing Events (Part 1)

Our 2016 State of Local Marketing Report proved that local marketing and events work hand-in-hand. In fact, events were the second most used tactics among our survey respondents with 87 percent of local affiliates saying that hosting or attending events were part of their marketing mix. This blog post breaks down what goes into planning an event at the local level how to setup for success at the event. Our event buying team, who helps plan thousands of events across the country,  had SO much advice that we had to break it down in two parts. If you like the first, check out Part 2, which covers how to attract visitors with booth activity and how to close that customer deal.

snapchat5.) Snapchat and Local Marketing Collide With Latest Update: Custom Geofilters

In the social media space, 2016 has been Snapchat’s year. In addition to a slew of user functionality and swelling user base, the relative social newbie has been beefing up its features to better serve marketers. One of the coolest features was the addition of geofilters – layered graphics that brands can purchase to appear in specific geographical locations. To make sure we put our money where our mouth is, we actually tested out the geofilters for ourselves – something Brandmusclers in our Chicago, Cleveland and Austin offices absolutely loved. In fact, Brandmuscle’s Snapchat filters generated more than 27,000 impressions – the equivalent of 20x our Facebook fan base and triple the impressions from an average Brandmuscle LinkedIn post. It’s a pretty simple process that’s relevant for local marketers targeting millennials and younger and wanting to use new social channels for marketing.

beverage4.) Seasonal and Holiday Best Practices for Local Beverage/Alcohol Marketing

This popular blog post was published as spring was in the air and beverage brands were staring down the alley at a slew of summer holiday promotional opportunities. Breaking down each holiday for beverage marketers at the national, regional and local levels, we explain how to choose the right celebration for your brand. The post also details how to prepare for those events and how to measure beverage marketing impact across tactics and locations. And, while some of the holidays have come and gone, the post is a must read for the beverage marketers that can still be applied for the rest of the year – think Labor Day, Halloween and end-of-year holidays!

social3.) Three Social Media Mistakes in Local Marketing and How Brands Can Fix Them

Sometimes, the best advice comes when we tap into our Brandmuscle experts on the front lines of local marketing. This post is a prime example of that. We chatted with our social media specialists to get an inside look at the struggles dealers, agents and franchisees have with social media.   We also fire back some advice that brand marketers can use to coach their affiliates to make better use of social media as an awareness tool instead of a sales tool.

expamded2.) Google Launches “Expanded Text Ads” for Paid Search

As we’ve been ramping up our digital team, we’ve been adding to our list of blog authors. This post, written by our new search expert and industry thought leader Jason Tabeling (SVP of Digital), talks through an important Google paid search update. As the search giant updates and changes, so does the approach local marketers must take to use search-related digital tactics. This post dives into what the impact is for local marketing and how brands should adjust.

coop1.) Brandmuscle Infographic Highlights the Success and Failure of Co-Op Advertising and MDF Programs

Rounding off the top six, our co-op infographic is the most popular blog post so far this year.  The infographic displays a simple explanation of what can be a complicated and cumbersome topic: co-op marketing and MDF programs. Breaking down the key statistics and takeaways from Gleanster’s State of Co-op And MDF Research Report, the infographic  provides a visual summary of results based on a survey of more than 1,500 marketers to explore why billions of co-op dollars go unused.  Check out the infographic to see why it’s our most popular blog post of the year so far, and click through to download the full report to learn more.

Which Brandmuscle blog post did you find most useful so far? And what do you want us to cover in the next six months to help you and your affiliates #OwnLocal? Let us know in the comments below!

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