Twelve Advantages to Outsourcing Your Channel Marketing or Co-op fund Management

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

What would your company do with more time, resources and money?

In today's fast-paced digital business world, it’s easy to get distracted by tasks that aren't core activities generating revenue or building equity. Because every business has limited resources, outsourcing co-op funding can allow companies to improve their business focus and implement significant cost-saving measures. The cost of managing co-op in-house can really add up; expenses include clerical staff time, accounts payable time, mailroom time, computers, software, training and more.

We’ve listed four of the twelve reasons why Brandmuscle clients decided to outsource their co-op below:

   1.)   Free up resources to improve core business focus

Outsourcing your co-op puts the onus of conducting operational claims audits and fulfillment functions on a vendor so you can concentrate on your core business. Outsourcing these time-consuming, non-revenue-generating activities allows you to redirect resources (including your time!) to functions that serve clients or customers.

   2.)   Access to experienced professionals and consultants

Co-op and channel marketing vendors work with clients everyday who face the same challenges you do. Because of this, a vendor combines specialization, expertise and economies of scale that can give your company a stronger competitive advantage.

   3.)   Reduced liability and reputation management

A co-op vendor can help provide a buffer between you and your channel customers when a dispute arises. For example, if a claim is denied, the customer will blame the vendor, not you, protecting one of your most valuable marketing assets: your reputation.

   4.)   Manage increased complexity

Co-op programs can be complex and finding internal resources to manage them may be difficult. Utilizing a co-op vendor specialized in channel marketing and trade promotion program management will offer access to the systems and experts necessary to manage the complex programs that will drive the growth you’re looking for from your channel partners.

For the other eight advantages of outsourcing co-op and to read about how we manage co-op at Brandmuscle, download the white paper by completing the form below.

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