Two Digital Tactics Your Local Business Partners Need This Year

Christina Morello Written by: Christina Morello

From billboards to paid search to sponsoring the local little league, your partners stare at their menu of available tactics, and poof, the strategy’s clear. Pick one and if plan A fails, they’re 25 more letters in the alphabet. 

These folks are focused on running their business. They’re not even marketers. They need your help knowing where to begin. As we start a new year, our in-house experts recommend two digital tactics to give extra support to this year. Even if you’ve already been executing these tactics at the local level, take time to step back and reevaluate the strategy surrounding them.

Make the most of microsites (and landing pages)

While it’s important to truly hone in on what works best for you and your brand, there’s one online avenue that is critical for nearly every organization: microsites and landing pages.

To be clear, microsites are not landing pages. Typically, landing pages have very specific call to actions (like download a whitepaper) while microsites provide information to the person searching online. This means, microsites must be very engaging and interactive to give potential customers the information they’re seeking quickly and accurately. For partners, microsites can serve as a branch to the corporate website. These branded microsites could include information like address, phone number, specials, photos, etc., giving consumers the information they’re looking for.

Creating microsites for all of your partners across a distributed network that have all the correct and up-to-date information isn’t only daunting, it’s nearly impossible to do. 

Microsites should be built to provide consumers with the information they need and optimized to perform in the organic search space. The dynamic landing pages should be structured to be hidden from search engines and provide a conversion-focused destination for paid media campaigns at scale.

This year, make optimizing your partners’ microsites and landing pages a priority. You’ll learn how this change will skyrocket organic search performance while giving the customers what they want when they want it.

Ramp up your social strategy

Social media continues to be a critical way for brands and partners to showcase information while interacting with their audience. In fact, partners are continuing to invest in social media, even if they’re unsure how to or if it’s even working.

According to a recent study, 57% of local businesses report that social media is one of the most important marketing channels, yet 66% say they aren’t confident when it comes to their social media marketing.

Social makes your partners skittish with 39% saying the number of social media platforms that exist are overwhelming. They just don’t know where to have a presence. Help them understand which ones appeal to their audience. Another 36% say the every-changing algorithms make it impossible to get the hang of social media. Consistent education and training goes a long way in helping your partners understand the social space. 

A vendor who understands the nuances of social and can help contribute to an ongoing local strategy. They’ll know what platforms work best for your local business and what content resonates with their consumers. The right partner will work one-on-one with each of your local business partners to develop the strategy that reaches the right audience with the right message, in concert with the rest of their tactics. 

Your partners may not be marketers, but they know that tactics are evolving in the digital and social space, and that they are effective. Help them hone in on two major digital outlets to create the strong online presence they desire. 

SUCCESS STORY // BrandMuscle Drives Results for Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

BrandMuscle Helped a Fortune 500 insurance provider move to a dynamic landing page solution that allowed its agents to on-the-fly tie their media campaigns to their landing page with a direct call-to-action. 

Business Impact: 

  • Increased quote volume by 1,439%
  • 500% improvement in Quote Intent per Visit rate for traffic that enters on a Dynamic Landing page versus the standard agent page.  

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