What is Google’s Local Pack, and Why Does it Matter to My Brand?

Amanda Knauer Written by: Amanda Knauer

It’s a coveted space. Displayed at the top of Google’s search results, the Local Pack showcases local businesses related to the consumer’s search query and important details about the business, like address, phone numbers, hours, reviews, star ratings, etc. Competition thickened in 2015 when the number of businesses showcased in the Local Pack shrunk from seven to three. 

Sample of Google Local Pack

We asked our Digital Marketing Manager and SEO guru Bridget Barrett what factors play a role in showing up in the local 3-pack.

“There are roughly eight factors Google considers when determining which businesses to rank in the 3-pack,” Bridget said. “Google My Business (GMB) signals, link and citation signals, on-page optimizations, review signals, and social signals, among others. Location data management, the method of ensuring all data associated with your business (name, address, phone number, website URL, etc.) is present and accurate wherever customers may be searching, is a key component in facilitating these ranking signals.” 

So, how can you ensure that your business is placed in the highly-valued, highly-competitive Local Pack?

“There are quick wins for brands and their local business partners to improve their local 3-Pack rankings,” Bridget said. “I usually recommend starting with Google My Business listings. Make sure each one is claimed, and optimized with accurate and complete information.  Next, implement a location data management program to increase and manage citations across the web. Lastly, develop a system for garnering positive online reviews. These help with your rankings immensely.”  

Of course, there are several technical, on-site optimizations that can be made to improve your local business partners’ rankings and SEO. BrandMuscle provides Location Data Management services (including Google My Business management) on behalf of our clients, as well as best-in-class, customized local websites to ensure our clients show up prominently in search results. 

Are you hungry for that competitive spot in Google’s Local 3-Pack? Contact us today to see how BrandMuscle’s LocationBuilder™ sites enable businesses to create, publish and manage location-specific microsites, while solving the common challenges of duplicate content, mobile responsiveness, and maximization of SEO.



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